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5 Best Shops for Plus Size T-Shirts

Searching for plus size t-shirts can sometimes be difficult and it’s important to find a store that is stylish, high-quality and provides you with a good fit. These 5 stores are experts when it comes to crafting plus size t-shirts that will keep you fashionable and comfortable for any occasion.

#1 Nerd Kung Fu

For the widest range of eye-catching plus size t-shirts, Nerd Kung Fu is the best of the best. Specializing in graphic t-shirts with images from classic movies, TV shows, comic books, games and much much more, there’s something for everyone. Even if you’re searching for a niche design from a less popular but equally as awesome show, this is the place to find it. All designs are printed on 100% cotton shirts so that you can ensure your t-shirt both looks and feels amazing. The products are also licensed so that the artists who create the graphics receive their fair share of the royalties. With fast shipping and unbeatable t-shirt designs, it’s no surprise that Nerd Kung Fu is the best in the biz.

#2 Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg are a clothing store with a focus on providing stylish t-shirts and more for bigger and taller men. Established in 2014, Johnny Bigg have all types products ranging from clothing to footwear and are particularly known for their well-loved t-shirts. Aiming to provide trendy options for bigger men, their high-quality products have got you covered for any occasion. Comfort is key for Johnny Bigg and they work tirelessly to ensure that all of their products are both in fashion and comfortable to wear for any body type.

#3 BoohooMAN

Although they offer a range of products, BoohooMAN are well known for their stylish plus size range. Their variety of t-shirts are flattering and comfortable for a range of body types. They particularly specialize in longline tees that are specifically designed to suit larger bellies and fit them in the desired way. Looser fits and box cut designs are also available so you know that almost any style you’re after is covered. The sizes range from XXL to 5XL to fit any larger body type.

#4 KingSize

KingSize offer a range of tees from casual, plain t-shirts to more intricately designed ones. They understand that a good t-shirt is a must-have staple in everyone’s closet and aim to provide the best plus size range so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Crafted from lightweight material and moisture-wicking fabrics, these t-shirts are designed specially to keep you cool and dry at any occasion. Both crew neck and V-neck styles are available to complement any outfit.

#5 BigMen

For simple, fuss-free plus size t-shirts, BigMen is the go to. One of the oldest plus size shops, BigMen was established in 1946 in Boston and has continued to provide high-quality clothing for big and tall men. Their main goal is to ensure that you have the same range to choose from as anyone else without sacrificing any factors like price or comfort. True to size and specializing in both classic and rare clothing styles, BigMen is one of the most trusted stores for plus size shirts.