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12 Best Cyber Security and Technology Experts

Security is a necessity for everyone. That’s why it is important to have the right professional who will support you through a protective issue.

For those who are in need of good expertise, we’ve devised a list of the top 12 cyber security and technology experts to watch out for. These professionals are trained to find weaknesses in databases, networks, hardware, firewalls, and encryption. Let’s take a look!

Top Rated Cyber Security and Technology Experts:

#1 Ron Sharon

Ron Sharon is no stranger to danger with an interesting background as a former Israel Defense Forces Military Policeman. His work with the government didn’t stop there, with his list of achievements in providing technology solutions to the US Government. With his long-enduring passion for technology and cyber security as well as his impeccable list of experiences on his back belt, he is your go-to guy for all your protective needs.

#2 Jon Cosson

Jon Cosson, a trailblazing cybersecurity expert with 35+ years in IT, leads as Head of IT and CISO at JM Finn. His illustrious career spans mainframes to cutting-edge tech. A master of risk-focused security solutions, Jon’s accolades include CISSP, CISM, and a Cyber Security Master’s. A charismatic speaker and visionary collaborator, he tackles cyber concerns globally. With a sterling managerial legacy and ongoing PhD pursuit, Jon embodies cybersecurity leadership that propels businesses forward securely.

#3 Tyler Cohen Wood

2nd on the list is Tyler Cohen Wood, a renowned cybersecurity expert in the field. She has worked with an array of notable companies and clients, making a name for herself. With all her experience she is working as an author and mentor, recently releasing her book,  ‘Catching The Catfishers’. Being noted in a few reputable news outlets, its no wonder why Tyler is in the top 10 list.

#4 Sundeep Mamidi

Sundeep Mamidi is a distinguished cloud computing and cybersecurity expert with a decade-long track record of innovation and leadership in the field. Renowned for crafting secure, scalable cloud solutions, Sundeep adeptly navigates the complexities of digital security, ensuring robust defenses against emerging threats. A thought leader and a visionary, Sundeep’s insights and contributions have significantly shaped the cybersecurity and cloud computing landscape.

#5 Bob Carver

Bob Carver holds the bronze medal for his years of experience in the cyber security field, currently working in a senior management position at Verizon. He has a unique background due to his prior history of working as an architect. Combining both experiences, he has tailored a security service never to be seen before.

#6 Kevin Mitnik

Kevin Mitnik has been on both sides of the coin. As a former of FBI’s Most Wanted, Mitnik had been a hacker getting into the systems of over 30 big companies but has since turned a major 360 degrees. He is now a reliable and renowned cybersecurity expert, with the in-depth knowledge on the mindset of the hacking system to understand how to keep you in safe hands.

#7 Katie Moussouris

Katie Mossouris is special with a capital K! She has an impressive range of accolades with her experience working with MIT and Microsoft to name a few. Watch out!

#8 Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks is next on the list of the top cyber security experts to watch out for his incredible list of experiences especially running Brooks Consulting. An advisor at Georgetown University, he is in the know on everything related to the field.

#9 Theresa Payton

Theresa Payton is the President of Fortalice Solutions, LLC with over 10 years of running. She has recently put out a book called, ‘Campaigns and Electrons’ on Amazon.

#10 Richard Stiennon

Next on the list is Richard Stiennon who is the lead chief research analyst at IT-Harvest. With an education background at King’s College in London, he has state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in the cyber security and IT field.

#11 Bruce Schneier

Known as the security guru, Bruce Schnier is the go-to expert as the Chief of Security of Architecture at Inrupt, INC.

#12 Joseph Steinberg

Founder of CISCO and CEO of Secure My Social, Joseph Steinberg is up to date when it comes to the technology and cyber security trends to help you have the best protection services on your side!