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6 Best Self-Publishing Companies in The US

Publishing a book through a traditional publisher can be very challenging, as your book has to be accepted and approved, checked and edited before it can be published. When you publish through a traditional publisher they bear all the costs and the risks of the publication; however, if the book is successful they will retain the majority of the profits. Another thing to keep in mind with traditional publishing is that the publisher will own the rights to your work and you’ll therefore lose any and all creative control. This can be a deal-breaker for many authors!

Self-publishing, though, involves the publication of a book without having to go through a traditional publisher like HarperCollins. Self-publishing has become increasingly popular over the years due to the rise of new technology which makes self-publishing so much more accessible and easy. In fact, self-publishing has become the first choice for many first-time authors looking to get their book on the market while keeping the bulk of their royalties and keeping creative control.

So which self-publishing company should you go through to get your publications out there? With so many on the market due to its increasing popularity, it can be hard to choose.

Here are 6 best self-publishing companies in the US right now:

1. MindStir Media

Mindstir Media

Website: www.mindstirmedia.com

MindStir Media, partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, is an award-winning self-publishing company that helps people publish, distribute and market their books. MindStir has helped thousands of authors over the past decade through their self-publishing consultations and self-publishing services. They offer distribution to 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 different countries – including renowned retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart.com, among others. They have helped to publish many best-sellers and award-winners. Some notable projects include books by author and martial arts celebrity Sho Kosugi, Don Miller (award winning film producer) and Arnold Kane (3-time Emmy Award nominee). Authors that go through MindStir Media receive ongoing mentorship from bestselling author and MindStir Media founder J.J. Hebert, making MindStir Media the top choice among self-publishing companies.


2. BookBaby


Website: www.bookbaby.com

BookBaby offers self-publishing solutions in multiple book formats. They specialize in publishing eBooks as well as print books. They can also help self-publishing authors with distribution, putting books on major retailers like Amazon. You can use their free book templates to design your own book or you can hire them to design your book. Either way, you can leverage their print-on-demand printing technology to print copies as they are ordered.


3. Shabd.in


Website: www.shabd.in

Shabd.in is an online platform to write and publish books in multiple formats. It supports eBooks, Audio books as well as paperback books. Writers can easily write and publish their books using the tools and services available on the platform. It offers many AI driven tools and services which enable new and budding writers to write quality books and compete with the best writers in the world.

They offer a unique ability to write different chapters of the book and then to compile them in form of books at a click of a button. Writers can also set a price on their books and start earning royalty immediately from their books.

They also offer a range of marketing and promotion services for your books. Writers can opt for influencer marketing, social media promotion, video interviews, press release, physical book launch as well as many other marketing and promotion related services.


4. AuthorHouse


Website: www.authorhouse.com

AuthorHouse is one of the oldest self-publishing companies around. They were originally known as 1st Books but adopted the name AuthorHouse when they teamed up with Author Solutions. AuthorHouse offers a variety of book publishing packages that include design, editing, publishing and marketing. They aim to be the go-to source for authors looking for assistance in the self-publishing process. They’ve been in business since 1997.


5. iUniverse


Website: www.iuniverse.com

iUniverse is also owned by Author Solutions but they offer additional recognition programs for their authors such as the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star awards. Winning an award can help set your book apart from others in the highly competitive marketplace. iUniverse can not only help you self-publish your book and make it available to the masses but they also make it possible for you to achieve awards. Authors who choose iUniverse also keep their rights and control over their content.


6. Mill City Press

Mill City Press

Website: www.millcitypress.net

Many self-publishing companies provide publishing packages but Mill City Press approaches it a bit differently by providing one-of-a-kind plans for each book they help to publish. As an author, you can pick and choose the services that make sense for your project specifically. You’ll never have to buy something that you don’t need or want. When you hire them to design your book you can also rest assured that they won’t use template-based designs. Everything they create for your book will be from scratch. Another major perk is that they supply authors with 100% royalties.