Q: How can I nominate business?

You can’t suggest or nominate a business. Our journalists research businesses that meet our criteria specified here and add them.

Q: How much does it cost to be listed?

We don’t charge for it. All businesses included in listings have not paid for being listed. However, in some cases we allow to include sponsored ads, see the next question.

Q: Can I pay you to list my business?

All listings are unpaid, people or businesses haven’t paid for them. However, in some cases we allow to advertise businesses or services/products. In this case, we disclose that the position is sponsored.

Q: Can I support your website/donate?

We welcome all kind of donations. If you would like to support our website, hosting, work, please make your donation here.

Q: How can I remove or correct information?

Please send us message by submitting this contact form.

Q: Can I download your logo and include on my website?

Definitely! If you are awarded, please download a logo/award here and include it on your website with a link to our website.

Q: Is this listing permanently published?

We review all our listings every few months and we might update them.

I have a question that is not above

Please contact us here.