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5 Best Wedding Photographers in Alabama

On your special day, it’s important to capture the moments that matter most to you. A good wedding photographer will ensure that any little memorable thing that occurs is snapped and preserved forever in a gorgeous photograph. Our top 5 wedding photographers in Alabama will ensure that you have memories from your special day that you can treasure forever.

#1 Jennie TewellA couple on a hill in Alabama wedding photographer photo.

Jennie Tewell and her team have quickly made a name for themselves as some of the most popular wedding photographers in Alabama (and worldwide!) Based in Mobile Alabama, Jennie started the company in 2013 after discovering a passion for photography and for celebrating the magic of peoples’ special day. She has since built a team of equally dedicated photographers who travel throughout Alabama and worldwide to give you the best quality photos possible. With a reputation for taking unique and timeless photos, Jennie and her team are one of the most highly sought after in all of Alabama.

#2 Katie and AlecA couple kissing as the wedding photographer takes their photo in Alabama.

Katie and Alec are a husband and wife duo who have first-hand experience with the power of weddings. The couple have been married for over 6 years and aim to encourage others embarking on the journey of marriage through their wedding photography. Their photos capture love in a unique way and help remind everyone of what it means to love and to commit to love through marriage. For an unmatched experience of photographers who not only capture, but aim to nurture your marriage, Katie and Alec are a great choice.

#3 AL WeddingsWedding photographer with a camera at a marriage in Alabama.

Based in Birmingham Alabama, AL Weddings is the business of two married couples. This team of best friends believes deeply in allowing your love to flourish through the treasured memories that are captured in wedding photographs. The team are experts in making you comfortable and giving you advice on how to pose for the best photo possible. This team have a deep passion for marriage and even have their own podcast to prove it!

#4 Jessie BarksdaleA wedding photographer captures a photo of a married couple in a field in Alabama.

No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you are having, Jessie Barksdale is an expert in creating unique, eye-catching photos. Her style centers on capturing authentic moments and her particular interest in using sunlight to create a soft, romantic look makes her photographs stand out as some of the best in Alabama. Aiming to become a friend to all her clients, Jessie is a reassuring presence for your wedding day and will ensure that no moment is missed.

#5 Piper VineA wedding party celebrating marriage captured by wedding photographer.

Piper Vine is the wedding photography business of Julie, a passionate photographer with an eye for capturing authentic personalities. Her natural approach to wedding photography ensures that your photos will be candid and will reflect the genuine love between you and your partner. Her creativity makes her one of the most trusted wedding photographers in Alabama.