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Victorious PR: Reviews

Victorious PR: Reviews, Experiences, and Awards

Public relations is sometimes tricky to understand because it doesn’t have as clear of a definition like a mathematician or medical career does. Is it social media management? Is it image crisis counseling and clean up? Is it speaking to reporters? It can encompass all of the above, and so much more.

But for one PR firm that stands out among the rest, public relations is about the clear building of visibility, credibility, and authority for its talented entrepreneurial clients:

Victorious PR is an award-winning public relations agency that skyrockets its clients from ‘best kept secrets’ to number one trusted authorities in their niche — and they succeed at this with flying colors by using a tried and true formula created by CEO and Founder Victoria Kennedy.

Victorious PR Contact:

Website: victoriouspr.com
Schedule a call: victoriouspr.com/contact-us
Phone: (702) 757-4861

Standing Out from the Crowd

While public relations firms seem to be a dime a dozen these days, especially with the growing presence of metaverse workspaces, Victorious PR has a skilled team of professionals that have grown the business to a multi-million dollar company since its recent founding in 2020.

Victorious PR works with clients in real estate, cryptocurrency, healthcare, and entrepreneurial niches. By sticking to what it does best, the team at Victorious PR continues to shine for its clients, getting them organic features in publications such as Inman Magazine, Entrepreneur, NY Weekly, and LA Weekly, just to name a few.

The firm works hard to build each clients’ authority brick by brick, stating that building this kind of irrevocable credibility requires media stamina. This stamina is developed through establishing its clients as thought leaders with more to give society than their business website and services.

High Standards, Big Results

One of the best things about Victorious PR is their discernment when it comes to choosing their clients. They work only with industry professionals with messages, morals, and business models that Victorious PR can believe in and support. The company culture is one of high standards, and each representative strives for excellence both inside and outside of work.

By remaining excellent with themselves, the Victorious PR teammates can support clients with strong moral fiber and class, thus creating a foolproof framework for slingshotting each client to publicity greatness.

Victorious PR has representatives that work personally with each client, an in-house team of talented writers, and a graphics team that creates images for its clients to show off on social media when they get a ‘big win’ in the media world.

Victorious PR – Google Reviews:

Victorious PR is a team of phenomenal creative thinkers that have helped me expand my small business to the point where I can call myself successful. Their dedication and priority level towards my needs is commendable. The staff excels at content development and delivering top-notch designs. I love the work!” – Janel

The project that the Victorious PR team and we worked on has been successful and delivered outstanding results. We started receiving higher SERPs in no time, and the web traffic increased significantly as well. They have gone above and beyond in this partnership.” – John

Working with Victorious PR has helped my website rank in the top 5 results for my domain. I’m impressed with their professional practices, organized work, powerful insights, and the great responsibility they shoulder and depict. The team is friendly and quite welcoming. I enjoyed working with them a lot.” – Pauline

I have seen a massive turnout in terms of ROI since Victorious PR decided to help us. I am glad that they were responsive enough to phone calls and follow-ups. They did their best to support our online business. Victorious PR delivers high quality of work that provides an instant boost to your business. I had a fantastic time working with them.” – Bonnie

Improved engagement, more followers on social media, lead generation, and backlink strategy. Everything check! Victorious PR has outperformed itself as a PR management and Digital marketing agency. I can now rely on them anytime to get my work done.” – Lillie

I can’t trust any other PR agency more than Victorius PR. I had always wanted to put my business story out there in the world. The company has been an invaluable source of support in this journey. Not only have they valued my intentions and mission, but they have taken care of the smallest of details to help me achieve my milestones.” – Kristy

Victorious PR – Other Reviews:

“We have reached our goal of receiving prominent placement in online media while increasing our visibility on google. In the ever changing aspect on algorithms, social media and search, as an up and coming minimalist design company specializing in watches and fashion accessories, we were successfully able to grow awareness and gain trust amongst our growing global audience” source

“With multiple publications in numerous magazines of record, Victorious PR has more than proven their worth. Their proactive communication keeps the project on track, and their knowledge of organization has brought significant value. Customers can expect a trustworthy partner that follows-through.”source

“We were able to get our information out there. We had higher visibility; regular people, employees, and investors were able to read about us. The response was generally positive. We didn’t know anything about PR except that it either wouldn’t do anything or it would bring in millions of dollars to us. However, our PR effort went live, and that was what we were interested in — it gave us greater exposure. Overall, the campaign worked well, and Victorious met our expectations.” source

“Thanks to Victorious PR, I was featured in Forbes and other news organizations. As a result, my social media engagement increased, and my website improved its Google rankings. Victorious PR’s work allowed me to become a recognized authority in my niche. When someone googles my name or company, they would see those articles. Their efforts would help me increase my leads and prospects in the long run.”source

“Right from the beginning, we have seen a tremendous amount of success from Victorious PR. We got published on Yahoo Finance as well as several other outlets including some regional channels/sites and FOX.”source

“They did everything they said they were going to do.” source

About Victorious PR

Victorious PR is an award-winning full-service PR agency that helps Businesses get featured in industry-specific media, local press, podcasts, and top publications to be seen as Industry Leaders in their fields. They have won numerous awards such as Best PR Firm, and are members of both of Rolling Stone and Forbes Councils. To book a call to become the #1 authority in your niche, click here: victoriouspr.com