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5 Best Travel Itinerary Planning Websites

If you are a keen traveller but hate the stress of planning your trips, these 5 websites can help you find the perfect itinerary. Take the hassle out of your travelling experience and rely on the guidance of these planners.

#1 ItinsyThree young people sitting around laptops talking about their itinerary plans for their holidays with a website.

Itinsy is based on the itineraries of a number of experienced travellers. This platform gives you the chance to view genuine itineraries that have been tested by people just like you. You can filter the plans by destination, month, length of stay and trip type to find the itinerary that works best for you and your plans. Once you have embarked on your trip and had the time of your life, you can also share your itinerary to the website to inspire other travellers looking for similar experiences.

#2 InspirockA woman on a bridge holding a map planning her travel itinerary.

Inspirock provides a convenient location for you to find all of the relevant information needed when deciding to visit a certain destination. The website gives you the opportunity to explore the pros and cons of different places and easily create a personalized itinerary. Over 25 million travellers use the platform each year and there are over 80,000 destinations to explore. No matter what you’re looking to get out of your travelling experience, Inspirock will help find the perfect itinerary to suit you.

#3 Earth TrekkersThree young people looking at a map planning their travel itinerary.

Earth Trekkers is a travel blog run by a family of 4. They have years of experience travelling the world and hope to inspire others with their journeys. Their list of itineraries is available to explore on their website and is extremely useful for finding a suitable holiday for you. With Earth Trekkers, you can be sure that each itinerary has been tested and loved by real people. Particularly if you are a family looking to travel, you can trust the experiences of these travellers to help you determine an unforgettable family-friendly holiday.

#4 WanderlogA man and woman walking with a map. The woman has her hand on her chin as they plan their travel itinerary.

Wanderlog provides a free app for you to plan, manage and organize your dream trip. The platform provides a map of your itinerary in one view so that you can see clearly what your upcoming plans are. Destinations are easy to add and adapt and you can even collaborate with any friends or family that you are travelling with. On top of this, you can import any flights or reservations so that your whole trip can be organised in one easily accessible place.

#5 PebblarPeople sitting at a laptop using a travel itinerary planning website and taking notes.

Pebblar is a platform that aims to give you all the tools you need to plan your perfect trip. Each trip is unique to the individual and no matter what you want to do or where you want to go, you can easily add plans into your itinerary with Pebblar. From broad itineraries to day-to-day detailed ones, from month-long international trips to weekend work trips, Pebblar can help you plan in a simple and effective way.