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Top 3 Self Storage Investment Companies Worth Looking At

Getting into the self-storage investment industry is worth the risk. The opportunistic funds being launched present impressive growth potential.

Below are three top companies that are providing their clients with the best direction for opportunistic investments:

1. Cedar Creek Capital

AJ Osborne is the CEO of Cedar Creek Capital
AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital

Cedar Creek Capital was created to allow investors to expand their real estate investments into the self-storage space.

AJ Osborne is the CEO of Cedar Creek Capital and has an impressive 20 years of experience as a Self Storage owner, operator, and developer consisting of over 2.75 million net rentable square feet, over $300 million in assets under management across 9 states. Osborne takes a different investment approach by maximizing the return and minimizing the risk.

Cedar Creek Capital believes in the growth opportunities in this industry and helps its investors make intelligent decisions on where and when to invest. The real estate private equity firm is vertically integrated and specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing self-storage facilities.

Regarding your investments in the self-storage industry, Cedar Creek Capital is one of the most trustworthy firms to invest in. They haven’t lost a deal yet due to their comprehensive and exhaustive due diligence process and dedication to serving their investors first.They are committed to teaching their clients how to invest effectively without prior knowledge. With the self-storage industry being one of the most stable forms of investment, their education and training will allow their clients to feel comfortable working with their team.

Investing in self-storage facilities is a beneficial opportunity due to the impressive growth potential presented by the industry. Self-storage is one of the most reliable forms of investment and requires minimal effort from investors, making it an attractive investment option. Partnering with a company that has expertise in the industry, coupled with a concise approach, ensures that investors can reap the benefits of their investment without having prior knowledge of the industry.

BIRD Model

Cedar Creek Capital employs a unique investment strategy known as the BIRD model, which focuses on maximizing returns for investors while minimizing risk. The company believes in targeting underperforming facilities over 60,000 square feet with nearby populations showing a positive growth forecast over the next 10 years. They then increase the cash flow by identifying value-add opportunities and implementing them accordingly to give their investors maximum return potential. Next is leveraging the capital with their assets and refinance it into a non-recourse loan, reducing potential risks and clearing their investors of liability. Using this model, they are turning underperforming facilities into market leaders for their investors.

The team at Cedar Creek Capital is there to answer any questions about entering this industry. Their values, impact, freedom, progress are at the core of success for their investors. Their hands-on approach allows their team to do the work for their investors and a clear plan to build long-term profits for them.

If you’re an investor looking for maximum returns while minimizing risk, then Cedar Creek Capital’s BIRD investment strategy might be right for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how Cedar Creek Capital can help you achieve your investment goals, reach out to their team today. Take the first step towards building long-term profits and securing your financial future.

Products and services:

Real Estate Investment Strategy for Self Storage facilities.

Website: www.cedarcreekwealth.com

Address & Contact Information:
80 W Cottonwood Ct, Eagle, ID 83616
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 208-336-9606

2. Marcus & Millichap

Marcus & Millichap

Marcus & Millichap specializes in commercial real estate sales, financing, research, and advisory services. The company allows its investors to work closely with their investment specialists to reach their goals and diversify their portfolios.

The company began in 1971, and its CEO Hassam Nadji leads the company with its main focus: matching every property with the largest pool of qualified buyers.

Their commitment to their clients works with their most prominent and most qualified brokerage team to ensure that their investors reach their fullest potential. Marcus & Millichap believe in the multi-faceted approach to cutting-edge market research and information sharing to make smarter investment decisions.

With over 80 offices across the United States and Canada, anyone looking to invest with their local experts can easily find one of their offices.

Marcus & Millichap Self Storage Investment Professionals

Marcus & Millichap’s Self-Storage Division is a team of experienced professionals who dedicate their time to helping investors and owners reach their investment goals. The expert team will allow their investors to identify, explain, and close the deals they wish to make.

Marcus & Millichap have built their model on marketing their self-storage investments with ease and room for growth. With over 447 closed deals in 2022, they have mastered the tools of custom marketing plans with local market knowledge.

Products & Services:

Personalized investment and marketing plans.

Website: www.marcusmillichap.com

Address & Contact Information:
23975 Park Sorrento Suite 400, Calabasas, CA 91302
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (844) 961-1622

3. Leon Capital Group

Leon Capital Group

Based out of Dallas, Texas, the Leon Capital Group is an investment company focusing on real estate, healthcare, and building companies alongside promising entrepreneurs. Since 2009, the company has overseen more than 400 investments, representing a total capitalization of more than $7 billion.

In 2014, Leon Capital Group saw the potential of the self-storage industry and launched its self-storage platform to help investors take advantage of these favorable conditions. They then expanded their portfolio to include this style of investment. The self-storage industry has consistently delivered strong returns for investors, outperforming all other commercial real estate sectors over the last 15 years with an average return of over 20%.

Approach to Self-Storage

Unlike other companies who invest in markets with high-performing rates already, they focus on highly desirable, growing communities when selecting potential existing storage investments. Leon Capital Group believes in the new development of self-storage units and not just in acquiring existing facilities.

At Leon Capital Group, their approach to the storage facility industry is two-fold; development and acquisition. Their team has expertise in in-house site selection, development, and construction. They wish to have high-market returns for their investors and take advantage of new opportunities. They promise to deliver above-market returns on their clients’ investments, ensuring they are moving toward success. Leon Capital Group’s in-house site selection and construction expertise make moving forward with brand-new developments easier.

Products & Services:

Real Estates, Corporate & Health Care Investments

Website: https://leoncapitalgroup.com

Address & Contact Information:
3500 Maple Avenue Suite 1600
Dallas, TX , 75219
Phone: 214.865.8082