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5 Best Real Estate Services in Cyprus🥇

Real estate in Cyprus is understandably in demand year round, as it is an absolutely beautiful part of the world which many people flock to every year as a tourist destination. For many more wealthy clients, they may be looking for a permanent spot on Cyprus as a retirement, or perhaps as a get away home to leave the hustle and bustle of business and work behind and enjoy paradise.

Cyprus also presents a great investment property opportunity, as it is a highly sought after tourist spot and people are always looking for accommodation.

For these reasons, you will need real estate services in Cyprus. There are many due to the high demand, but which ones are the best for you?

Top rated real estate services in Cyprus:

1. Realtor Cyprus


Realtor Cyprus provides a platform for people to place their properties on the site for potential buyers or renters to browse through and make a choice. Realtor Cyprus offers an online wallet, property listings, buyer matching and an automated valuation model which is designed for analysts, consultants and real estate teams specifically. This website has it all, and the properties listed are stunning. Great for both buyers and sellers.

2. Fox Realty

Fox Realty

Fox Realty is one of the largest real estate organisations in the property sector of Cyprus. They have over 7 branches and over 65 staff available.

Fox Realty offers a large variety of different properties, from residential homes to offices to holiday homes and apartments, as well as many more. They will be able to help you find your desired property.

3. Buy Sell Cyprus

Buy Sell Cyprus

Buy Sell Cyprus offer a free home valuation for sellers and claim to sell any property that is listed naturally in less than 60 days. Buyers will be able to browse through the site to find the best property possible for them. Investors get access to properties which are low risk and have a high return associated with them. You cannot go wrong with this website.

4. Bazaraki


Bazaraki claims to be the number 1 marketplace for properties in Cyprus and has many listed on its site. There are a huge number of different properties available on this site, including homes, apartments, commercial properties and even rooms for rent and flatmates. This site has it all, and you will be able to find everything you need here, no matter who you are.

5. Altamira Real Estate

Altamira Real Estate

Altamira Real Estate offers a modern platform that allows you to search for properties throughout Cyprus. There are many special offers listed on the site which allow you to save money and receive more. They have a wide range of properties and manage over 3000+ properties. You will be able to find a property for yourself or your investment portfolio here.

These are the 5 best real estate services in Cyprus, based on this rating points list, and they will be able to help you buy or sell one or more properties for your own personal use or even for an investment portfolio.