5 Best Websites For Practicing Yoga🥇

Websites For Practicing Yoga

Yoga has exploded in popularity in the past decade and for good reason too. It offers a variety of health benefits including relaxation, flexibility, muscle, joint and tendon health as well as being a nice social activity. Because of these well reported benefits, many have flocked to yoga studious with their friends to practice a session every morning.

However, there are some that prefer to practice on their own and do so in the comfort of their own home.

Numerous websites are available for resources on practicing yoga, and here are the 5 best ones, based on this rating points list.

1. YanvaYoga

Pure Yoga Practice

YanvaYoga offers guides on what yoga is and the different types available as well as a general philosophy of what yoga is about. It also includes reviews of yoga essentials such as yoga mats and other types of gear that can help you when purchasing essentials for yoga.
More importantly it helps those beginning yoga to practice and guides them on how to do certain things associated with yoga.

2. Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga aims to help those who are looking to get into or are currently participating in the activity of yoga, as well as with other associated activities such as meditation and also fitness. This site is the whole package for those looking to better themselves and their lives through health and fitness training.

3. Brown Yoga

Brown Yoga aims to change the dialogue and direction of yoga practice within the West. He teaches a therapeutic form of yoga geared towards feeling well and lessening the feeling of pain. His site also offers a podcast which you can tune into to learn more about yoga. He has also released a book to do with yoga for any of those looking to get into yoga or those who are current yoga practitioners.

4. MindBodyGreen

Practicing Yoga

MindBodyGreen is a site that not only focuses on yoga practices, but also the whole package of mindfulness, health, food, movement and beauty.
If you wish to become an all-round better person, then this site is the place to be.

5. Rachel Scott Yoga

Rachel Scott Yoga offers blog posts which help to explain things in yoga, and generally goes deeper than the surface yoga of relaxation and mindfulness to the theory behind yoga and the deeper meanings behind it. Well worth a look if you are interested in the deeper meanings and the more spiritual side of yoga.

These are the 5 best sites to visit if you are interested in starting yoga or if you are already a current practitioner. You are sure to find something helpful on these sites.