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How Nancy Mello Can Help You Understand Your Pets On a Deeper Level

Animal communicator Nancy Mello has become known around the world for her unique ability to understand animals, big and small. As a psychic and clairvoyant she is in tune with the thoughts and feelings of all of our furry pals. This skill is incredibly valuable for people who want to understand why their pets are in pain, why they may be having behavioral issues, or where they are if they are missing.

Her services are also highly beneficial for helping people gain closure once their beloved pets have passed away.

Based in Mystic, CT, Nancy Mello lives with her family, providing her psychic services to people from all around the world. Thanks to the internet, she is able to connect with people wherever they are and offer them readings for their unique situation. She also answers questions for free every Friday night on Instagram live.

The passion that she has for helping animals and humans communicate has transformed the lives of many pets and owners and allowed them to form a richer connection than ever before. A true animal lover, Nancy Mello also volunteers at a number of shelters and works with many animal organizations to create better lives for furry friends in need.

Whether you are searching for a missing pet or seeking to communicate with a current or former pet, Nancy Mello’s services are unmatched. Her empathetic and friendly nature makes working with her incredibly easy and her amazing skills allow you to find the answers that you need.

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Nancy Mello – reviews

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Had a wonderful conversation with Nancy! Not only did she connect with my pup that passed and was able to put me at ease that I would indeed see her again, but she confirmed my suspicions that my current cat was one I lost previously. She also spoke with my current pup to help with her anxiety. I will definitely be checking in with Nancy again!” – source

I scheduled a reading with Nancy after losing our sweet pup a month earlier from inflammatory mammary cancer. I felt like I needed closure since her health declined so fast. Nancy was great! She was spot on about a lot of things. She even mentioned that I made up a song about my sweet girl and sang it after she passed which no one else could’ve ever known. Nancy was amazing and I’ll definitely be booking more sessions with her in the future.” – source

I booked a 45 minute session with Nancy after looking at several different animal mediums. I was seeking peace and closure after the sudden passing of my beloved rescue dog. During the session, Nancy was so warm and friendly and we built rapport quickly. When she connected to my deceased dog, immediately she started describing details about my dog’s health issues and challenges, and was even able to describe what her little memorial/altar space looked like and what was on it without me sharing any details. That’s when I knew Nancy is the real deal. She shared with me what my dog wanted me to hear and provided a chance for me to ask questions.

She was so kind, and even offered follow up support for me via email after the session in case I had missed any questions (I was hit with grief during the session). The session brought me peace, clarity and comfort I would not have been able to get from anywhere else. I know it’s hard to trust random people who claim to be psychic mediums on the internet, and you should always do research to make sure they are legit. Nancy is one of the legit ones. Thank you Nancy for your time and energy in doing this work. Thank you for helping so many pet parents and for helping those of us in our grief. You have my gratitude, always.” – source 

I follow Nancy on TikTok. After following her for quite some time, I decided to book a session. She connected easily and compassionately with my fur babies. I was able to learn more information on how to make my cats’ lives happier and follow-up on some medical issues. I’d recommend Nancy to any pet parent looking to connect more deeply to their animal companion.” – source

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart after our session I was finally able to find some peace. My session was amazing and very emotional, it was like I could hear my baby talk through her. She was so accurate and knew things that were impossible to know. I Did not want to leave my house since my baby passed but after talking to Nancy I was finally able to go back to my normal life. I will definitely book again with Nancy and would recommend her to anyone who’s trying to find closure. Thank you!!!” – source 

I reached out to Nancy because one of my kitties was over grooming, and we were having a lot of cat fights (the kitty in the middle was my primary reason for reaching out). Nancy had a good talk with Penelope and she’s since stopped attacking all the other kitties. She’s sharing her space, and fights have gone down from 4x a DAY to maybe once a week. As hard as it was to hear, she also told us our “old man” (she picked up on that nickname without me saying it) was getting ready to pass away, and I am so grateful I knew the time was near so we could prepare ourselves.

When his health took a sudden decline, and the vet told us the news was grim, it made our decision (which is always the HARDEST decision to make) easier, and my sweet boy was able to transition peacefully in my arms knowing how loved he was. Thank you Nancy, for everything you have done to help restore the peace, and to help us through a difficult time before it even happened.” – source

Nancy was amazing and the experience couldn’t have been any better and uplifting. She was very personable and spot on to every detail, everything she told me about my pet and her life was incredibly accurate. I couldn’t have picked a better person to reach out to angel above. Thank you again Nancy !!!” – source