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5 Best International Medical Internships🥇

Sometimes that call for adventure calls out to us, and we heed to answer the call. For many people studying medical degrees, it is necessary to have some form of internship or more than one, in order to qualify to become medical professionals. Most people will do these internships in hospitals in their home country, but some more adventurous types will travel abroad to do so.

Travelling abroad to do medical internships allows you to gain the skills and training that you would receive in a normal hospital, however you will be in a foreign environment giving aid to those who do not have access to the resources they need to be healthy.

This can be a very noble thing to do, and it also exposes you to the way the medical field works out and about in different countries especially in third world countries.

Here are 5 top international medical internships:

1. International Medical Aid (IMA)

International Medical Aid (IMA) offers a variety of different programs including internships, studying abroad programs and other adventures. There are a variety of different medical internships including dentistry internships, physician assistant internships, nutrician placement and dietetic internships and so on. With such a large variety of different programs, you will be sure to find something that fits your field of medical study. Definitely a good choice.

2. Go Abroad

Go Abroad

Go Abroad is a site that is well known for providing many different programs for people to travel abroad. Some of these are medical internships, and there are hundreds available to those who want them. Offering many countries such as Spain, Kenya, Argentina and many more, you will be able to find a location that interests you here.

3. Go Overseas

Go Overseas

Go Overseas has an interactive site which makes it very easy to navigate through their various programs in countries such as Colombia, Bali, South Africa and many more. If you are looking for adventurous medical internships which provide training as well, then Go Overseas is the place to be.

4. International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ is a site offering international medical internship opportunities in a huge range of different countries. There are countries from all over Europe to more obscure ones such as Guatemala and Peru. These internships include the fields of psychology, special needs care, speech therapy and of course medical, as well as many more. A good place for many opportunities.

5. Volunteer World

Volunteer World

Volunteer World has many opportunities for medical students to gain experience, training and skills overseas in a variety of different environments. These include places such as Tanzania, Ghana and India, which offer many different situations which can help to build experience.

A great site to find opportunities.

These are the 5 best international medical internships available, based on this rating points list. With these, you can ensure you will gain the necessary skills, training and experience while also living in a different country from your own.

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