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10 Best Filmsupply Alternative Stock Video Websites

Filmsupply is a revolutionary website launched to provide the most amazing and diverse collection of clips from all over the world bearing different types of stories, subject and effect.

A haven for all filmmakers, videographer and artists who are in need of photos and videos that will provide a signature face to their work and make it stand out, but what I tell you that aside from Filmsupply, there are also several sites that actually exists to help you with your video and photo clip needs and provide you with an awesome collection of stills that will help you with your works or hobbies, with some of them mostly free, pretty exciting right?

10 Top Alternative Filmsupply Websites With Stock Videos:

Here are the 10 best alternative filmsupply websites:

1. RawFilm

video stock websites - Rawfilm

Website: https://raw.film

RawFilm it is one of the best filmsupply alternatives on the internet!

RawFilm prided themselves as the first subscription-based stock footage platform that provides amazing 8K creative materials that are shot using RED Digital Cinema Camera. With their stock footages starting at 4K and their premium running on 8K, you would definitely get the best still images here that you can possibly imagine.

All of their video files can be downloaded immediately without any hustle and bustle following the right resolution that it has.  With the technology that they are using, you no longer have to worry about the quality of tvideos when you try to zoom, crop, or do your own magic with it.

All of their videos are creatively thought of and crafted to perfections. They don’t offer random stills but an entire collection that bears significant ideas and expertly tells a story. All ideas and projects are made to perfection the way a movie or a commercial is expertly done.

They are also running into one intuitive license so it is very accessible and downloading is a piece of cake with its license running through everything from simple YouTube videos to even commercialized video productions.  They offer several packages that start at $149 for a single clip, $89 per month for a yearly subscription with unlimited videos and $299 per month for a monthly subscription that includes 20 clips.

2. Pexels

free stock videos - Pexels

Website: www.pexels.com

Pexels is a platform that offers free stock photos and videos to everyone that is in need of visual designs for their works or projects. Open for everyone including students, designers and bloggers, anyone can simply download on this site absolutely free without any hidden charges or strings attached.

You can even use these stocks and stills for commercial purposes either for your personal or commercial website, products or blogs. All uploaded contents here are licensed through Pexels license so you can use them wherever and whenever without any attribution needed. You can also edit the materials and modify it to custom-fit your needs and you can even create a library bearing an entire collection of your chosen photos and videos that you may use for future references.

Best for websites, blog, and shop, their vast array of stock photos can help you with a multitude of tasks that you have in mind. They can help you promote your products through the usage of their stocks on flyers, ads, banners and campaigns that you have.

Since their stocks are easy to download and use, you can easily use their videos and photo stills and have it uploaded as part of your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and vlogs content. Easy to use and bearing a comprehensive line-up, Pexels definitely got your covered on all your visual needs.

3. Story & Heart

completely free stock footage - Story & Heart

Website: www.storyandheart.com

Story and Heart is a fusion of an online video school and video platform. Created to help all aspiring filmmakers worldwide, they have established this program to give space to all the amazing stories that are depicted through a series of creative videos done by their Academy of Storytellers, a community of filmmakers that supports each and everyone from the up and coming down to the best and brightest in the industry.

Specializing in stock video licensing, they are committed to amplifying the way stories are told through their authentically curated video footage depicting different stories and ideas.

They categorize the footage based on the mood that you are aiming for in your project. They produce different stills and footages from exciting, loving, curious to sad, wise and peaceful to name a view. They even have a palette of colors to choose from that will match your concept as an energy meter to gauge the best video that will match how active your story will be.

From clips to stories, everything is tastefully done and you would certainly find the best video that will put authenticity with a touch of heart and emotions to your works. A brilliant line up of videos made by filmmakers for filmmakers and aspirants, they certainly depict stories with a loving touch straight from the heart.

4. Adobe Stock

best filmsupply websites - Adobe Stock

Website: https://stock.adobe.com

Adobe Stock is a digital platform made by Adobe company that is focused on creativity and design. A premier board for ideas that you are looking for, they provide not only photos but also a comprehensive line-up of illustrations, vectors, videos, templates and 3D.

They also have a premium collection that features enhanced and brilliantly created thematic and unthematic imagery. Aside from premium, they also offer editorial collections that are good in providing the perfect visuals for your news, sports and entertainment articles and stories.

All their photos and videos are in high-resolution, offering a superb photo and video quality. With royalty-free licensing, you will have no problem using their stock immediately right after downloading it. Featuring works of different contributors, they can guarantee an abundance in the collection of their visual story as well as a wide range of topics and ideas that are updated daily.

Using the latest innovations in technology, searching for your topics and the use of their search filters is an easy job that you can easily do at your own comfort. Serving different purposes for all people from different walks of life, they provide different packages created for individuals, teams and enterprise. Their standard subscription starts at $29.99 per month, so feel free to check their packages and apply for one that will suit your needs and your work.

5. Wedistill

best filmsupply alternative sites - Wedistill

Website: www.wedistill.io

Wedistill is an online platform that is a free source of curated and well-presented videos that are shot in high-definition. Uploading 10 free HD videos every 10 days, they are committed to helping people with their video needs for both personal and commercial uses. All videos are licensed under Creative Commons thus enabling free distribution, easy access, and simple and effortless use.

Housing a wide array of HD videos, stock videos, stock footages and B-roll to choose from, you can use their collections for websites, promotional materials and other commercial usages that will require a mental image to tap further on your market and make it more meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

Providing vast supplies of videos for different themes, designs and ideas, you can certainly find the best one that will best fit your purpose. Supporting your artistic endeavors whether, for private blogging or corporate use, it will not be difficult to find a video regardless of the topic that you have in mind.

Just type the keyword that will best describe your project and this website will provide you with a vast line up of stocks that you can use anytime without having to pay for anything. Quick, easy and simple, Wedistill is one of the best sites to aid you with your visuals.

6. Footage.net

free stock video loops - Footage.net

Website: www.footage.net

Footage.net was established 15 years ago and is one of the largest databases of stock footage. In partner with existing footage companies and archives like Getty Images, FootageBank, Framepool, Historic Films and NBC News Archives and other specialists like Skyworks, Critical Past and OceanFootage, they boast of the most comprehensive collections of stock both new and archives that are easily accessible on the search engine that they have.

They provide broad and extensive content to all of their clients, targeting researchers and production staff and professionals, they provide free access to the most perfect stock image that will match their work.

Providing the utmost efficiency and easiest access that they can deliver, you can search up to 30 images in their archives with just one search putting value to your time.

They also have “My Clip Bin” and “My History” that will store all previous searches and will keep it much easier for you to track your previous research in case you will be needing the ideas in the future.

A premier resource material that can help you in finding the best clip that you will need for your project, you can create an account now and try a unique service that they offer that will help you manage what you are looking for in a shorter time.

7. 123RF

filmsupply stock footage videos - 123RF

Website: www.123rf.com

123RF started as a bootstrapped company in 2005 and has relatively grown to be one of the world’s largest agencies for digital stock. Reaching a wide spectrum of clients from individual to business industries, they have helped them all by providing different images and sounds.

They provide a huge collection of photos, vectors, footages and audios that are growing each day thanks to the many artistic and creative contributors that they have. Boasting of more than 110 million creative works with 90,000 daily content, 330,000 contributors and about 12 million monthly active users, 123RF.com is really at the top of their game.

A big pillar to the creative industry, they provide a long-lasting impact and continuously help their clients by constantly innovating on their works and providing new products and services that their clients can avail.

They offer On-Demand Credits that start at $1.13 per credit and will enable the user to download any image, footage or audio clip. They also have Subscription Plans that start with $29 per month and offer 10 images a month with no download limit and any unused downloads can be rolled over to the next month’s subscription. Offering the best value and deal, you can certainly check their website for the range of plans that they offer.

8. Rocketstock 

free stock photos and videos - Rocketstock 

Website: www.rocketstock.com

Rocketstock specializes in providing after effects templates and assets. Their target clients are mostly motion designers, filmmakers, cinematographers, video editors and the likes.

Boasting of unlimited usage, easy customization, curated collections and no plug-ins required, this is certainly the best choice for easy access and use. Aside from after effects templates, they also offer video packs, AE lower thirds, AE titles, 4K light leaks, royalty-free music, stock photos, vector graphics, video and stock free images.

With different categories ranging from slideshows, overlays, lower thirds, promos, title sequences and more, you can certainly find the best one that will fit what you are looking for. They also have video tutorials that will make your work easier and built-in customization tools that will make editing the content to align with your vision much easier and faster.

With their RocketStock Unlimited License, you can use one of their many templates on unlimited usages either on different projects or clients. This license also allows you to distribute your final video cut anywhere in the world either online or offline and can use your purchased license for a long period of time without any additional fees for prolonged usage.

Aside from their premium products, they also provide free monthly AE templates and motion design assets that you can certainly download and use. The best tool for the brightest and most artistic minds, they Rocketstock would certainly deliver and more beyond your expectation so subscribe now and avail their products.

9. Videoblocks 

filmsupply alternative - Videoblocks

Website: www.videoblocks.com

Videoblocks is one of the websites by Storyblocks, a stock media subscription company that offers video, audio and images services. Focusing on offering royalty-free videos, they are the best platform where freelancers and full-time content editors, video producers, video editors and filmmakers can get high-quality videos to fire up their projects.

Their video library consists of millions of videos both on HD and 4K formats that are hand-picked and carefully selected from the collections of trusted and leading videographers in the industry. They offer stock footage, motion backgrounds and after effects templates with tons of ideas, styles and templates to choose from.

With an economical subscription rate, they offer both individual and business plans that are billed either monthly or annually based on your preference. Their Basic Video plan for an individual account starts at $8.25 per month with 5 downloads per month of HD footages.

Their unlimited subscription packages on the other hand provide you with unlimited download options that you can keep without any expiration. You may also create a free account for you to familiarize yourself with the creative assets that they have without having to pay for anything.

Get started now on your project and let Videoblocks help you with making fine imagery of your content for your ultimate satisfaction.

10. Dissolve

top filmsupply alternative websites - Dissolve

Website: https://dissolve.com

Dissolve is a platform for stock photos and videos that is founded by stock industry veterans. Their team of experts consists mostly of cinephiles, filmmakers, photographers, designers and other creative personnel that are dedicated to providing exceptional collections of footage and photographs that will help all visual artists and creators bring the best creative outputs.

All of their designs and visuals are meticulously selected and hand-picked so only the finest quality is offered. Their licensed stock videos can be used on any projects either for commercials, documentaries, feature films, and TV shows.

On the other hand, their footages that bear first-rate and superior quality can be used for articles, advertising, web entertainment and more and can liven up their stories and provide more color and vibrancy through the images attached to it.

Their footages are offered either through SD, HD or 4K resolutions with their SD video package starting at $29, their HD running between $29 to $499 and 4K running from $49 to $549. Their photo packages on the other hand photography packages, on the other hand, depend on the pixels, they support 600px, 1250px, 2500px, 3500px and the XXL original size.

They have a single-user license up to 25ok print that runs from $5 to $9 depending on the pixels and a 10-user license that has unlimited print running from $49-$499.

A creative and genius mind only deserves the best and these alternatives would surely fire the creative juices in you. Check now this list and subscribe to start on your best project that you can ever imagine with brilliant and top of the line imagery that will seal the visual storyteller in you.