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5 Best Distilleries in Indianapolis 🥇

aBelow is a list of the top and leading Distilleries in Indianapolis. To help you find the best Distilleries located near you in Indianapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis’ Best Distilleries:

The top-rated Distilleries in Indianapolis are:

  • 1205 Distillery – a craft distillery and cocktail bar located in Indianapolis.
  • 8th Day Distillery – a bottle shop and cocktail bar in Indianapolis.
  • West Fork Whiskey Co. – a bold Indiana whisky distillery hell-bent on creating great whiskey.
  • Hotel Tango Distillery – warehouse-style tasting room of a craft spirits distillery with stone & brick walls & a fireplace.
  • Indiana City Brewing Company – set in the former site of a pre-prohibition bottler, this brewery features a garage-style taproom.

1205 Distillery

5 Best Distilleries in Indianapolis

1205 Distillery was named after the date when Prohibition was repealed. The distillery celebrates the right to enjoy exceptional liquor and spirits in Indianapolis. As a modest, tucked in the batch distillery and cocktail bar in Indy, they are focused on producing spirits that are made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients that meet their exceptionally high standards. The marriage of innovation and tradition is what makes their craft products stand out among the rest, offering every person a unique experience every time you take a drink.

Artisan vodka, new American gin, rhubarb liquor, four-finger rye whiskey, straight bourbon, online store.

Address: 636 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317) 974-9862
Website: 1205distillery.com

I and my wife visited this place for the first time today we went to try the Bloody Mary and decided to go ahead and eat while we were there. – Dale Smith

8th Day Distillery

The Best Distilleries in Indianapolis

8th Day Distillery is a craft artisan distillery that manufactures and sells whiskey, rum, gin, and other spirits in Indianapolis. As one of the favorite places of Indy residents for amazing spirits and liquors, they provide amazing craft products that make their patrons coming back, like their house rum, house gin, chat Maison. They also have limited release spirits that are only available at their physical stores. Products like their navy strength gin, rye whiskey, queen’s share rum, bourbon whiskey, and their aged rum, among their amazing collection of liquor. 

Spirits, canned cocktail, online store.

Address: 1125 E Brookside Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 600-3791
Website: 8thdaydistillery.com

Great cocktails and mocktails with plenty of outdoor seating including a park across the side street. Occasionally host food trucks and live music. – Patrick Martin

West Fork Whiskey Co.

Best Distilleries in Indianapolis

West Fork Whiskey Co. was founded by three ordinary dudes from Indianapolis who dreamed of making extraordinary whiskey. The distillery was brought to life as a way for them to share their interpretation of the United States’ native spirit with the world. The spirits and liquor they produce are 100% made in Indiana from ingredients to material packaging. West Fork Whiskey pays homage to the best grain producers in the US and celebrates their hard work, so they can create the amazing craft spirits they offer to everyone today.

Liquor, shop, tasting room, events.

Address: 1660 Bellefontaine St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 672-7468
Website: westforkwhiskey.com

It was amazing! All of their products are great, you can’t go wrong with any choice. It is one of our favorite places in Indy. – Diane Tiller

Hotel Tango Distillery

Indianapolis Best Distilleries

Hotel Tango Distillery is an artisan distillery that is the first-ever combat-disabled veteran-owned distillery in America. The craft distillery has a tasting room that can only cater to adults where patrons can sample their spirits and enjoy their homemade craft cocktails made from specialty products. Some of the bestsellers of Hotel Tango are their Bravo Bourbon, Whiskey, Golf Gin, Victor Vodka, Lima Charlie Limoncello, and Oscar Charlie Orangecello. Hotel Tango also distributes their products not only in the state of Indiana, but to Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and to military bases across the country as well.

Liquor, spirits, cocktails, tasting room.

Address: 702 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317) 653-1806
Website: hoteltangodistillery.com

This is my favorite place to get a cocktail. If you don’t know, all the ingredients are house-made. They take great pride in making all the simple syrup and mixers for the drinks. Amazing place! – RJ Edgemon

Indiana City Brewing Company

Indianapolis' Best Distilleries

Indiana City Brewing Company‘s concept was inspired by the belief that started the American craft beer revolution. The distillery strives to improve Indianapolis’s craft beer scene with its wide collection of beer available. Indiana City Brewing’s products are unfiltered to maximize full flavor and aroma. These artisan beers are also made by using the best and freshest ingredients available on the market. To do this, they use their high standard methods to ensure only the highest quality products are shipped out.

Carryout beer, apparel, merch.

Address: 24 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 643-1103
Website: indianacitybeer.com

Despite being a bit off the main road, Indiana City is always worth going out of your way to visit. Great beer and a large selection. – Michael Hudson