3 Best Casual Men’s Lifestyle Blogs

3 Best Casual Men’s Lifestyle Blogs

As gender awareness continues to rise, so too does men’s awareness. This is where men’s lifestyle blogs come in. Men’s lifestyle blogs help other men to increase their quality of life through fashion tips, health and fitness tips and much more. Many of these blogs will focus on a certain type of man, for example some will focus on a man that wants to be a gentleman, others will focus on men who have a different type of lifestyle. You will be able to find many different types of blogs out there which cater to men’s lifestyle, however many are very similar in tastes. It is best to find a blog which is the best of them all and stick to that for a long time as your regular insider.

Here are the 3 best casual men’s lifestyle blogs.

#1 BroinsiderA man sitting at a desk smiling as he reads the casual mens lifestyle blog on his laptop.

Despite the funny (and catchy) name, Broinsider is a serious men’s lifestyle resource, providing tips, fashion advice, grooming, culture articles, success and money tips, sports and fitness tips and others. These aspects combined is what makes an overall man, and as such, following the tips provided will definitely make you a more well rounded man. Bro Insider features articles that are interesting and draw you in, rather than the same old bland stories repeated over and over again. For useful overall tips for every aspect of male life, Broinsider tops the list.

#2 Man of ManyA man sitting on the stairs reading a casual mens lifestyle blog on his laptop with his dog.

Man of Many is a very popular men’s lifestyle blog featuring everything you could ever ask for as a man. From cars to sex and dating, to watches and fashion, to fitness and grooming, everything a man would ever think about is on Man of Many, and their huge number of categories covers it all. The articles range from informative, to newsworthy to comedic, and is just overall good reading material when you’re relaxing, on the toilet, have free time or are trying to kill time at work. Man of Many is the way to go for all men.

#3 GQA man with a laptop smiling and holding juice as he reads a casual mens lifestyle blog.

GQ is a well-known men’s lifestyle magazine which typically points to the finer things in life. From high fashion with designer brands to beautiful sports cars and beautiful women, GQ knows what men like. It almost seems unfair to include GQ on this list as it is a very popular magazine and a blog, however it is definitely one of the penultimate men’s lifestyle magazines and blogs out there, so it would just be irresponsible for us not to include it at all.

For the average joe and everyday man, these blogs mentioned are the best examples of advice and tips you are going to get. Following these is a great way to kill time while improving your overall quality of life as a man.