5 Best Places to Get an 800 Number in The USA

Toll-Free or ‘800’ numbers are as popular as ever for businesses across the USA to distinguish themselves against the crowd, as well as provide an easy way for customers to communicate with a business. As though it appears to be strictly numbers with 800, toll-free numbers can also appear with 888, 844, 833, 855, 866 and 877 as well.

Due to the increasing popularity and demand for these numbers, there is a bit of a scarcity occurring in the supply and availability of them across the country. Luckily there are a few reliable companies that have access to the ever-dwindling supply of the useful and reliable numbers.

Best Places To Buy 800 Number:


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Talkroute have the whole package down pat when it comes to service, reliability, and overall quality of their ‘800’ offerings. Their impeccable setup allows for the easiest integration of an 800 number to a business or personal account and have a slew of impressive features on top of it all.

Adding the benefits of modern technology into the mix is no small order.


Toll Free Forwarding have a fast and efficient system setup to make the process of applying and utilizing an 800 number almost instantaneous. Fairly reliable pricing indicates that the site has been at it for a while, and their customer service has always been above reproach.


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800.com is a barebones but efficient site that caters to those looking for an 800 number without all the bells and whistles. While the features may be lacking, their approach is always trustworthy and reliable. This service is perfectly suited for smaller businesses or people not looking for the extra features that typically come attached to 800 numbers.


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Phone.com is a more technologically advanced platform to find an 800 number on the market today. Being a more modern take on the old idea, the packages that include the 800 number come with a range of heavily convenient additions that can truly make your business stand out.


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MightyCall round off the list with a plan-based and more small business minded approach to their practices and offerings. They have a free trial period which is certainly a bonus for smaller businesses that don’t have the large luxury of being able to afford a mistake.