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5 Best Timeshare Rental Companies in Florida

Timeshare rental companies can be incredibly effective and very cost effective. Unfortunately not everyone is familiar with how they work. Timeshare properties allows several people to use a property during the booked period.

This allows for the cost to be spread amongst users. Whilst real long-term savings compared to hotels is the biggest benefit additional benefits include greater flexibility with the ability to exchange resorts, and less maintenance should you purchase your own vacation home.

The 5 Top Timeshare Rental Companies in Florida are:

  1. Luxury Vacation Solutions – offering innovative solutions to vacation owners
  2. Sell My Timeshare – in business since 1999
  3. RedWeek – do-it-yourself timeshare rental and resale marketplace
  4. Rentals Marketing – measure progress and adjust strategy
  5. Timeshare Hot Deal – offers deals on timeshares for sale and rent

Luxury Vacation Solutions

Phone: (888)-746-8602
Website: https://lvs.world

Luxury Vacation Solutions (LVS) is one of the best choices! LVS pride themselves on integrity and innovation in all their business dealings. They make it very easy to list your timeshare and streamline the entire process for convenience, making it very easy for first time users and listers. With their innovative solutions, Luxury Vacation Solutions hire experts with wide knowledge and expertise with extensive properties and resorts to assure positive service. They consistently strive to offer the best world-class vacation experiences.

The three major team members driving this business is Christopher Levins, the President, Patrick Jimerson, VP of Client Success, and Caleb Dyer, Senior Client Specialist; all of which pursued University bachelor’s degrees and decades worth of experience. Christopher pursued a finance degree from the University of Florida along with a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from the International School of Business Management. He has become an expert in lending risk management for the real estate and automobile industry with almost a decade of experience in the timeshare/travel industry.

Patrick Jimerson holds a degree from Tarleton State University in Criminal Justice and previously served his country in Airborne Combat and with the US Army. Patrick brings diverse knowledge and a unique perspective to the leadership team.

Finally, Caleb Dyer attended the University of Georgia where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Afterwards he entered the real estate industry, specializing in large commercial transactions before making the switch over to the timeshare industry where he has worked for some of the largest timeshare companies. With almost fifteen years of industry experience, Caleb knows all the ins and outs of the trade to assist clients and find excellent solutions that meet expectations.

Sell My Timeshare

Sell My Timeshare
Sell My Timeshare. Photo: screenshot sellmytimesharenow.com

Phone: 1-877-815-4227
Website: www.sellmytimesharenow.com

Sell My Timeshare has been operating since 2003, successfully establishing itself as one of the most trusted timeshare resale and rental companies. Sell My Timeshare offer real results with plenty of rental options constantly available for perusal on their online offer feed. Simply brose and select from their many advertisements and make an offer! Unlike other competitors, Sell My Timeshare offer a complete package of financial and legal services. Timeshare resale financing is available with low rate personal loans from licensed real estate agents. Additionally, closing services are also provided with their in-house legal department; both of which have hotline phone numbers should you have queries.

In many cases when you lease your timeshare, calculating its value can be tricky. Sell My Timeshare have useful online tools to accurately price your property, because knowing its worth is the crucial first step in selling or renting your timeshare. Some of the major pricing factors include home resort and location, unit type and size, brand or exchange affiliation, ownership type, usage frequency and more. Should you ever wish you sell your timeshare, their licensed professional are on standby.

Because of their positive reputation, Sell My Timeshare are happy to partner with many popular timeshare resorts such as Disney Vacation Club, Ritz-Carlton Club, Marriot Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacation Club, Wyndham Resorts, Westgate Resorts, and many more.


timeshare rental and resale marketplace
RedWeek. Photo: screenshot / redweek.com

Website: www.redweek.com

RedWeek was founded by Randy Conrads when he recognized the need for a reputable DIY timeshare rental and resale marketplace. Unlike many of the other big players, RedWeek facilitate running your own timeshare according to your ideal requirements. This greater flexibility is why many users prefer to either lease or rent a timeshare property with RedWeek.

Today, RedWeek attracts an audience of more than 2.6 million people with accolades from users and industry associations. You can visit their testimonial webpage to see all their client’s positive feedback.

One of RedWeek’s hand user features is the ability to exchange for another resort. This can easily be done online via their website. RedWeek are also aware of many of the common frustrations, misconceptions or questions regarding timeshare rentals. Should you like to learn more, visit their helpful forums.

Rentals Marketing

Rentals Marketing
Rentals Marketing. Photo: screenshot / rentalsmarketing.com

Phone: 654 915 163
Website: http://rentalsmarketing.com

Unlike other companies, Rentals Marketing offer a multi-faceted consulting, marketing, and analytic services to maximize your profit in the most efficient and effective way. In order to facilitate this, they have a multi-layered approach with different specialists. Their belief stems from realising that rapid advancements in technology has changed the timeshare market and the industry now requires new digital solutions.

Rental Marketing helps your listing to rank using the following process. SEO & Ranking Experts help you rank higher in search engines and vacation rental booking platforms to increase visibility. Sometimes this can be as simple as optimising your website with their web development team. Copy writers create professional content to engage and sell your rental to customers. Social media is also used to further outreach and online appeal. All of these unique services are implemented within a strategized marketing plan. Analytics are also provided to discover trends and new opportunities in the local market.

Finally, all of this is clearly communicated to you with consultants to help answer any of your questions so you can best leverage their knowledge. Essentially Rental Marketing focus on focusing on optimizing the conversion rate on your timeshare advertisement and because each listing is different in their own way, a unique customised approach is utilised every time.

Timeshare Hot Deal

Timeshare Hot Deal
Timeshare Hot Deal. Photo: screenshot / timesharehotdeal.com

Phone: 1-844-202-7611
Website: www.timesharehotdeal.com

Unlike other businesses with retail pricing, Timeshare Hot Deal offer cheap deals on luxury resorts with savings of up to 70%. Their online search delivers some of the best prices whilst still offering all of the top-notch facilities and features. Of course none of this would matter, if it wasn’t for their user-friendly search platform either. And it’s this focus on an easy interface is what has helped to drive positive traffic. Should you require more professional service rather than browsing online, you can choose to work directly with a broker or vacation specialist to find the perfect timeshare property for you.

One of the reasons Timeshare Hot Deal are able to advertise such low pricing, is due to their low commission of 15%, one of the lowest rates in the industry. As Timeshare Hot Deal is a licensed broker, you don’t need to worry about any upfront fees either; you don’t pay any fees until your timeshare is sold. The major selling point is their superior market and industry knowledge coupled with the most effective online marketing techniques.

Timeshare Hot Deal has been operating since 2003 and know what the are doing. For those looking to list their property, rest assured that they can connect you with a regular customer base. A free market value survey is available online to get started.