Top 5 Best Psychic Mediums Available

Best Psychic Mediums Available

Psychic mediums are always popular amongst people seeking answers from beyond the grave. Psychic mediums can help with various things, from long lost loves to people who are grieving, being able to receive messages from the dead in order to help you in your own life as the living can be very therapeutic and work wonders. With so many psychic mediums available to you, it can be very hard to decide which one would be of the best service to you. You will want to find one that fits your specific situation and who can help you as best as possible.

Here are the top 5 best psychic mediums:

  1. Lauren Bortolami Robbins

Lauren Bortolami Robbins


Lauren Bortolami Robbins is an award-winning psychic medium based in Massachusetts, USA. She boasts over 300+ highly rated reviews that can all be found online, with no end to the praise she receives. Her mission is to help find people their purpose in life, heal from events and help those who are grieving. She has been tested and endorsed as a psychic medium worldwide and professionally listed as one of the best psychic mediums available.

  1. Amanda Bourke

Amanda Bourke



Amanda Bourke is a psychic medium who offers her services in person, over the phone, Facebook messenger text or video, Skype and WhatsApp. She specializes in reading from a distance over an electronic source, and can help to guide your path with love, relationships, career, family and life.

  1. Glenn Klausner

Glenn Klausner


Glenn Klausner is a nationally and internationally renowned psychic medium who is based in New York City, USA. He has over 20+ years of experience in helping loved ones reach out to the deceased. His abilities manifested as young as the age of 4, and he made a career out of these abilities in the 1990s. Glenn has also appeared on over 1,000 radio programs heard worldwide.

  1. Carole Lynne

Carole Lynne


Carole Lynne has a vast range of life experience compared to many other psychic mediums, and her maturity and wisdom shows in her readings. In addition to her psychic medium work, she offers lectures and seminars throughout the year. She has been interviewed by ABC World News and The Boston Globe. Her mediumship was trained in the USA and Great Britain, and her style reflects these two countries.

  1. Joanne Gerber

Joanne Gerber


Joanne Gerber is a psychic medium who has been tested as legitimate by Bob Olson. As well as being a psychic medium, she is certified in Clinical and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She was welcomed as an integrative research medium in the University of Arizona’s VERITAS research program.

There are many psychic mediums available out there; however these are the best ones to suit your many needs. Whether it be your life, love or loved ones, these psychic mediums will be able to help you.