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5 Best Parks in Minneapolis, MN

Below is a list of the top and leading Parks in Minneapolis. To help you find the best Parks located near you in Minneapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Minneapolis’ Best Parks:

The top rated Parks in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • North Commons Park – playground equipment was erected at North Commons in 1908
  • BF Nelson Park – formerly the location of sawmills
  • Mill Ruins Park – serves as the focal point of the West Side Milling District
  • Boom Island Park – was viewed as a crucial catalyst for the rehabilitation of the Central Riverfront
  • Gold Medal Park – promotes quiet times and artistic awareness

North Commons ParkParks in Minneapolis

North Commons Park, due to its location in the city, the park was given the name North Commons on September 16, 1907, at the proposal of the North Side Commercial Club. L sold the park in 1907 for $48,875 to the buyer. among others, P. Henry. The cost of the acquisition was specified in the board’s initial resolution, which was passed on June 3, 1907.

Although there is no legal record of decisions to that effect, the fact that a price had previously been agreed upon implies the board had been actively involved in negotiations to purchase the site before that date. After the board’s highly successful introduction of playground gear in other parks in 1906 and 1907, playground equipment was erected at North Commons in 1908.


Baseball Field, Basketball Court, Picnic Area, & More


Address: 1801 N James Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (612) 370-4921
Website: www.minneapolisparks.org/north_commons_park


“Staff is very friendly and helpful. They truly care about the kids. Good place for inner city recreation programs. The lunch/meal programs for kids is nice who may not have a place to eat elsewhere. In the summer, it can get kinda rowdy and may not be the best place for people to hang out, it’s great if you live nearby and it’s the only place to go or have your teens go for a teen night on the weekends, but there are safer parks in the system to visit.” – Cal P.

BF Nelson ParkTop Parks in Minneapolis

BF Nelson Park, the name of the guy whose name-brand business was located there starting in the late 1800s has always been used to identify the park location. In the 1880s, Benjamin Franklin Nelson developed a successful paper mill and roofing supplies company there. It had formerly been the location of sawmills.

Nelson was involved with local politics at the time. He served on the inaugural park board in 1883 as an ex-officio park commissioner because he was a municipal alderman. He was subsequently picked by the park board to complete the term of Andrew Haugan, who had resigned from the board and was one of the initial twelve designated commissioners.


Public Art, Events, & More


Address: 434 NE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 230-6400
Website: www.minneapolisparks.org/bf_nelson_park


“Beautiful park. Well maintained, clean, and a good balance of open sun and shade.” – Joel W.

Mill Ruins ParkParks Minneapolis

Mill Ruins Park, is situated next to St. Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis on the west bank of the Mississippi River. It serves as the focal point of the West Side Milling District in Minneapolis’ historic downtown. The largest direct-drive water-powered facility in the world, as well as the top producer of flour that was exported both domestically and internationally, were located in this region of mills, canals, tailraces, and other historical resources during the area’s 19th-century heyday.

The St. Anthony Falls Historic District includes Mill Ruins Park, which is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. A National Historic Engineering Landmark built in 1883 to connect Midwest farmers and their crops, the Stone Arch Bridge is just next to Mill Ruins Park.


Water Works, Biking Path, Drinking Fountain, & More


Address: 102 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612) 313-7793
Website: www.minneapolisparks.org/mill_ruins_park


“This is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of Minneapolis. Plenty of interpretative signs. Great location for photography, in fact, there was some professional shooting showing on during my visit today.” – Greg Z.

Boom Island ParkGood Parks in Minneapolis

Boom Island Park, the park was originally an island, hence its name. The booms, which were used to divide logs transported down the Mississippi River to sawmills powered by St. Anthony Falls, gave the island its name. Each lumber firm stamped its own stamp on the end of each log it cut along the tributaries of the Mississippi River, separating the logs with these stamps, and directing them to the appropriate sawmill by workers operating from Boom Island.

At the falls, flour mills finally took the place of the sawmills. At the time, the purchase and development of the park, together with Nicollet Island, Historic Main Street, and Father Hennepin, were viewed as crucial catalysts for the rehabilitation of the Central Riverfront.


Biking Path, Boat Dock, Playground/Tot Lot, Picnic Area, & More


Address: 724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 230-6400
Website: www.minneapolisparks.org/boom_island_park


“Beautiful and clean park. The downtown view is a plus. They do have the lighthouse but was much smaller than it appears to be. However, still, a great place to go. The kids enjoyed running around and playing at this park and the stroll over the river on the bridge. You do have to pay hourly parking but it’s 1 dollar an hour. They use that money to maintain and keep clean.” – Del A.

Gold Medal ParkOne of the best Parks in Minneapolis

Gold Medal Park is 7.5 acres that have been carved out of Minneapolis’s thriving riverfront Mill District. Its unusual form is meant to promote quiet times and artistic awareness. The sculptural observation mound in the center of the park’s spiral walkway, rising from a lush lawn with more than 200 mature trees, serves as its centerpiece.

A place for community gathering, the park offers stunning views of the cityscape and during evening hours, benches lit with blue LED lights add an ephemeral quality to the park experience. Privately created and funded by the McGuire family, the park is now supported financially and cared for by the Gold Medal Park Conservancy.




Address: Second Street and 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: (612) 904-5607
Website: www.goldmedalpark.org


“A wonderful park in downtown Minneapolis. The views are just wonderful and the spiral path really provides a great opportunity for our kids to expend extra energy racing up along the path and then rolling down the hill. The sculptures are interesting focal points. On-street parking can be a challenge but there are plenty of parking ramps in the area. There always seems to be a nice diversity of people here and the Guthrie is so accessible. Weekend farmers market close by make it an even better visit.” – Margaret R.