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3 Best Nootropic and Medical Shops Online

Nootropics are any type of substance that helps to improve cognitive brain function. Like other supplements, these usually work with a stimulant effect to enhance one’s performance.

These benefits can even extend beyond the mental advances to also extend to improvements in physical performance. Purchasing these products can be done online. In our round up, we have listed three of the best nootropic and medical shops.

The Top Listed Shops Currently on the US market:

  • RUPharma – the leading shop in the US and worldwide, no one can beat them
  • Cosmic Nootropics – value ease of use and comfort
  • Nootropic Spot – professional customer support


RU Pharma

RUPharmahttps://rupharma.com – is the best shop to have a go! They are recognized worldwide for high quality products, prices and service.

It is an online store offering a wide range of quality pharmaceutical products. Unlike other stores, they offer guaranteed delivery with a reship or refund policy. Depending on stock, all products are dispatched within two to three working days with a valid tracking number. In cases where your package may be lost in transit, or seized by customs, a full refund is always given. Packages are mailed discreetly without any markings and purchases are securely made online with HTTPS payment encryption. As a brief aside, RUPharama offers a 10% discount for orders when purchased with bitcoin or monero cyptocurrency.

Since 2014, RUPharma has been offering fast and friendly customer service, with staff always ready on hand to help. Should you require a product that they do not sell, you are always welcome to contact them directly. RUPharma look after all their customers promptly by responding to all queries. RUPharama ship their products directly from Russia. Should you prefer shipping directly from Europe, this is available on their sister website mospharma.com.

Cosmic Nootropics

Cosmic Nootropics
Cosmic Nootropics

Cosmic Nootropics offer a variety of online products. Their belief stems from the understanding that nootropics can be a safe effective treatment for brain disorders. All of the stock they offer, comes with quality guarantees and GMP compliance.

Unfortunately with Cosmic Nootropics, express mail service is only offered for shipping in some destinations. Processing and shipping times can vary upon when payment is received. The shortest times start at 3 to 7 days for domestic US shipping, 15 to 25 days (up to 30 days) in New Zealand and Australia, and 14 to 20 days (also up to 30 days) in the United Kingdom and Europe region.

Whilst careful oversight is given to the quality of products, no control over postal times in transit is made. Shipping products to high-risk destinations should be done with care as previous shipments have been blocked before due to local laws and import regulations.

Nootropic Spot

Nootropic Spot
Nootropic Spot

Nootropic Spot is our third provider. Their warehouse is based in Moscow, Russia where all packages are sent from with tracking numbers. All products are shipped with two different options EMS priority mail express, or by registered mail.

Should you parcel be seized by customs to lost during delivery, Nootropic Spot do offer refunds within 48 hours provided you are from a select few countries such as the US, UK, Poland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands etc.

Disclaimer: This article is a private opinion and does not constitute medical advice or any suggestion. The content provided in this article, including links to other websites, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment.

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