4 Best Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US🥇

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US

If you are currently looking to right a wrong, and have a pending lawsuit against an entity however you require the funds to do so, then looking for a lawsuit funding company is definitely a good idea. Lawsuits in the US are very common, and thousands of them are filed every single day against individuals, companies and other entities. For people wronged by these types, they often will look for a reimbursement or outcome of some sort to right the wrongs.

However, lawsuits in the US are notoriously expensive, especially if the opposing entity looks to fight it. There have been various cases throughout history where an individual will attempt to sue a larger entity such as a company that has wronged them, only to be flushed out by huge legal fees which they cannot afford, but the opposing company can. This is not only unfair, but also a dismissal of any form of justice. For these reasons, lawsuit funding companies exist to provide loans to individuals who are filing lawsuits but do not have the equity on hand to fund it. A lawsuit loan is a financing agreement which comes as a cash advance against pending lawsuits. These types of loans are often a lifeline for many people who are seeking reimbursements, however are looking to be buried in debt from legal fees soon.

Top rated lawsuit funding companies in the US:

Here are the leading firms:

  1. Baker Street Funding – #1 in the US, pre-settlement lawsuit loans in 24hrs or less
  2. Golden Pear Funding – fast financial solutions during legal proceedings
  3. Thrivest Link – various forms of funding
  4. Pegasus Legal Capital – direct funding for lawsuit loans

1. Baker Street Funding

Baker Street Funding

Baker Street Funding is one of the best firms currently on the market. They offer lawsuit loans which do not make you pay the cash advance back if you do not settle your claim. This is big for the individual, and can mean more financial freedom.

You simply apply for the loan, the team at Baker Street Funding evaluates your case and then you are approved and receive your loan funds.

Baker Street Funding has outstanding service for their clients, and do not discriminate on any applications. Furthermore, once you have applied you will receive regular updates on your loan. They have one of the lowest rates for providers in the US, and are well worth a look for your lawsuit funding.

2. Golden Pear Funding

Golden Pear Funding

Golden Pear Funding are a trusted financial solution provider for those looking to fund their lawsuits. They offer access to money that can help alleviate the financial burden that comes with a lawsuit. They offer up to $3000 to fund expenses and there is no risk advance, they are only paid when your case is settled.

In addition to this, there is no credit check that is required and the amount of funding that is received is based on your case details.

3. Thrivest Link

Thrivest Link

Thrivest Link offers various forms of funding, one of them being Plaintiff Legal Funding. They aim to remove the hassle of pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding and replace it with simplicity and transparency.

They have successfully provided thousands of lawsuit cash advances to clients and utilizes professional customer service in their processes. If you are looking for a provider for your lawsuit funding, then Thrivest Link is definitely up there and worth looking into.

4. Pegasus Legal Capital

Pegasus Legal Capital

Pegasus Legal Capital aims to help their clients to meet their basic living expenses when under the financial burden of a lawsuit. They do this by assisting people to create realistic spending budgets and assessments. They aim to lower the cash advance amount required by the client.

With Pegasus Legal Capital, there is no monthly payment schedule, no credit checks and no risk. If your case does not settle, you owe them nothing. How it works is that they can help you to get the money you need while your case is playing out. They understand that legal processes are typically drawn out, and can help you throughout the process.

It works by the client completing an online application and sending a document request letter to your attorney. After the documents are received, they are looked through and you will hear word from them within a few hours. Once the agreement is acknowledged and executed by the attorney, the funds are wired to your account. Pegasus Legal Capital are professional and a good choice.

These are the top 5 best lawsuit funding companies in the US, and are worth a look into if you are experiencing financial hardship during a lawsuit, based on this rating points list.