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5 Best Jewellery Stores for Custom Engagement Rings in Toronto

Finding and customising the perfect engagement ring can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching endeavour. However, buying the right engagement ring can be a daunting task too. The right custom engagement right is a wonderful gift, representing the cherished love and memories between each other. An engagement ring can easily rank as one of the most important purchases in your young adult life.

Toronto’s Best Custom Ring Engagement Stores:

In our round up, the top best jewellery stores for custom engagement rings in Toronto are as follows:

  1. Design By Sevan – timeless quality diamond jewellery with endless possibilities
  2. Topaz Custom Jewelry – fall in love in style
  3. Armed Jewelry – unapologetically unique jewellery
  4. Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery – enduring design and craftsmanship
  5. Flux + Form Custom Jewellery– jewellery that shares the art

Design By Sevan


Website: www.designbysevan.com
Phone: (416) 203–7265

Run by Sevan Tosun, Design By Sevan is a professional jewellery studio specialising in custom diamond engagement rings. Armenian background from Turkey, where many of the finest jewellery makers have lived for centuries, Sevan continued his father’s legacy at the tender age of 10 when he first became a full-time apprentice. By the time of was 16, Sevan had learned all the tricks of the trade. With decades of experience, and plenty of creative flair behind him, Sevan continues to create amazing jewellery designs and custom pieces.

The motto for their jewellery studio is to take a passionate approach, with bright ideas and brilliant implementation. Of course their excellent reputation supports this with ongoing business growth, and plenty of happy customers. Unlike other studios, sales consultants at Design by Sevan are not pressured to make sales and they are not paid commissions. Service is personalised to each individual and focused on you.

To ensure transparency, all diamonds are certified and independently graded by the GIA, a worldwide diamond grading authority. Because designing the right engagement ring can be a tricky endeavour, friendly support is offered along every step of the way to ensure a personal, relaxing experience.

Each ring is individually made in-house with professional craftsmanship at affordable prices. Fully customise your ring, from beginning to end with their services.

Topaz Jewelry


Website: www.topazjewelry.ca
Phone: (416) 480-0040

Based in midtown Toronto since 2007, Topaz Custom Jewelry has continued to trend-set cool, stylish pieces for customers. Run by Miri Katzav, who originates from Israel, one of the world’s best jewellery markets, she has a strong passion for fashion and style customising pieces to fit diverse fashion trends. As the industry continues to change, Miri regularly travels the globe to Italy, Paris, New York and Los Angeles to offer the latest range at competitive prices.

Whether you require a unique necklace, bracelet or earrings for a special occasion, Miri and her staff can help you. Because of their knowledgeable fashion expertise, they can even assist in helping you accessorise your wardrobe. They’ll help you find your own unique personal style that fits your taste!

Topaz Jewelry has been featured in many of Canada’s top fashion magazines including Chatelaine and Elle and reputable news publications such as The National Post, Globe and Mail newspapers. Many of their beautiful pieces can be seen on actresses, models, bloggers and other professionals around the world. Topaz Jewelry is proud to support the community and local artists who create their beautiful original designs. For the complete experience, they offer personal shopping after hours.

ARMED Jewelry


Website: www.upandarmed.com
Phone: (437) 221-1063

ARMED Jewelry are bold in their approach and statement. Each piece is uniquely created and designed to be exceptionally special. Unlike other ornate pieces, ARMED Jewelry are committed to creating beautifully unique jewellery that can be worn everyday – both in the office and on the weekends. Their mantra is knowing that everyday is an occasion and that the right piece can dramatically enhance your perception.

Creating each piece begins with the right design. One of the key designers Desiree Girlato and the CEO, is a self-taught jewellery designer bursting with passion. As a local business, the entire operation is transparent to give you piece of mind. All of the raw materials are sourced from around the world with Desiree regularly travelling around America to find quality materials.Local silversmiths produce all their fine jewellery with a production house in Los Angeles manufacturing all of their gold and rhodium plated jewellery.

Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery

Jewellery Shop in Toronto
Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery

Website: www.annesportun.com
Phone: (416) 363-4114

Anne Sportun has been making jewellery for years since her teenage years. As a local Toronto-born Canadian, Anne has acquired formal goldsmithing skills launching her prolific career. From humble beginnings, she has successfully established a leading and iconic jewellery brand in Toronto and in other boutique stores across North American and in the United Kingdom.

With all jewellery, Anne believes there is a familiar universal language they share. Each piece typically uses similar shape and form. Anne is well known for using organic forms that perfectly contrast with traditional gold smithing techniques. Her artistic vision propels her to create some of the best innovative styles. Commenting on her work, Anne says her work is inspired by the world around her. The tranquillity and peace she finds in nature inspires her and nurtures her soul. Some of her popular work includes her stardust collection which use diamonds encrusted in gold etchings. Other products include rings, bands, necklaces, earrings, custom wraps that can be used either as a bracelet or necklace, and charming tokens.

Flux + Form Custom Jewellery

Jewellery Stores Toronto
Flux + Form Custom Jewellery

Website: www.fluxandformcustomjewellery.com
Phone: (416) 368-9679

Flux + Form Custom Jewellery has been fitting customers with unique jewellery since 2007. Their vision is to become the best store in Toronto. With a growing customer base, Flux + Form continue to expand. Their services are streamlined to satisfy the needs of all clients with differing budgets whilst not compromising on quality. By firstly listening to the passionate hears of clients, Flux + Form are able to form meaningful relationships.

Quality is one of their primary tenants. You can judge precision and care the moment you look at their pieces. Their next important consideration is style. Regardless of your personal preference, trendy, vintage or modern, Flux + Form are meticulous in their way and design. All of their products are made in Canada for a lifetime of enjoyment. Flux + Form Custom Jewellery promise not to disappoint.