5 Best Health Food Stores in Minneapolis, MN

Best Health Food Stores in Minneapolis

Below is a list of the top and leading Health Food Stores in Minneapolis. To help you find the best Health Food Stores located near you in Minneapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Minneapolis’ Best Health Food Stores:

The top rated Health Food Stores in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • Good Grocer – give life greater meaning
  • Wedge Community Co-op – genuine food produced by real people improves their lives
  • Whole Foods Market – exists to nourish both people and the environment
  • Keikosx: Alkaline Bodega & Herbs – provide accessible and inexpensive nutritious food systems
  • Eastside Food Co-op – who are concerned about the welfare of both people and the environment

Good GrocerHealth Food Stores in Minneapolis

Good Grocer, their store acts as a bridge to connect individuals. to act morally through the decisions they take every day, and to establish the relationships that give life greater meaning. They have faith in people, in their capacity to influence change by getting up and taking part. And dedicating a small amount of their time each month to worthy causes, such as making healthy food accessible to all.

In their store, every employee is a volunteer. As a result, their operational costs are drastically reduced, and they are able to pass the savings along to all of their clients, including you. Their volunteers receive a 20% discount in exchange for 2.5 hours per month of service. What a win-win situation.


Fresh Produce, Grocery, Meat & Seafood, Health & Body Care, Household & Pet


Address: 2650 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: (612) 200-9337
Website: www.goodgrocer.org


“Really nice staff but everything is super expensive, especially for having mostly volunteer staff. Could use a better toiletry section too. I love that they give a second chance to food they would’ve thrown out, instead they sell it for cheap so it doesn’t go to waste.” – Junie R.

Wedge Community Co-opTop Health Food Stores in Minneapolis

Wedge Community Co-op, the Wedge, and Linden Hills Co-op merged to become a single company in 2017 through a historic cooperative consolidation. With a focus on community, ethics, sustainability, and health, each member of the team has more than 40 years of expertise in introducing customers to regional farmers, suppliers, and producers. Together, they are creating a robust, local food system that is fostering community.

Their aim is based on the conviction that ensuring access to genuine food produced by real people improves their lives, their community, and the environment. They are committed to creating a dependable, knowledgeable, and empowered workforce that will deliver a fantastic shopping experience. While preserving the values and requirements of their varied community, they offer the best products currently on the market.


Deli Food, Frozen Coconut Softserve, Farmer’s Market


Address: 2105 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone: (612) 871-3993
Website: www.tccp.coop/wedge-lyndale


“They sell Kadejan Chicken, which is by far the best chicken in town. The produce is always fresh and delicious and regionally sourced as much as possible. Great place to grab a “homemade” lunch and a coffee. The membership is a great investment with dividends and discounts far exceeding the cost.” – April F.

Whole Foods MarketHealth Food Stores Minneapolis

Whole Foods Market, exists to nourish both people and the environment. They are a mission-driven business that wants to raise the bar for food merchants. At Whole Foods Market, quality is a way of thinking. These six principles serve as the foundation of their corporate culture and guide how they strive to conduct business with you, their supplier partners, their customers, their communities, and one another every day.

Every team member, in their opinion, is a leader who is ultimately accountable for the satisfaction of the customers. Every day, whether they are debating potential new projects or choosing the most effective course of action to take, they apply the leadership principles they have learned.


Health Food Store


Address: 222 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612) 313-7100
Website: www.wholefoodsmarket.co.uk


“Great local cheese selection. tons of ready-to-go food options. Love the individual wrap mochi ice cream and macaroon; I wish my local Whole Foods has that. For out-of-town visitors looking for local specialty or a quick meal to go or picnic food by the bank of Mississippi River, this market is a great place to stop by.” – Sylvia L.

Keikosx: Alkaline Bodega & HerbsGood Health Food Stores in Minneapolis

Keikosx: Alkaline Bodega & Herbs, Keiko works as a chef, artist, artist educator, and herbalist. She thinks we can heal one another via excellent cuisine, education, and love. Her goal is to educate, empower, and inform communities with a majority of Black people so they can take on the African Bio Mineral Balance. Their goal is to provide accessible and inexpensive nutritious food systems in neighborhoods with a predominance of Black residents.

Keikosx: Alkaline Bodega & Herbs was established to empower the neighborhood through information and therapeutic items. They provide 100% alkaline plant-based meal offerings at Keikosx. include private meals, meal preparation, and catering. They cater Dr. Sebi Bio-Mineral Diet meals without the use of processed foods, artificial colors, or sugar substitutes.


Cell Food, Teas, Herbs, Food, & More


Address: 904 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Website: www.keikosx.com


“Thank you KEIKO for such a dope experience, Full of Awesomeness. The owner, the ALKALINE food “chefs kiss” fruit & beverages. Omg. The Black-owned and made products. This bodega is the place to be and you will leave overly satisfied.” – Ehnyla T.

Eastside Food Co-opOne of the best Health Food Stores in Minneapolis

Eastside Food Co-op is your locally owned supermarket situated in Northeast Minneapolis. They are experts in sourcing farm-fresh, regional, and organic foods from farmers and producers who are concerned about the welfare of both people and the environment. The Eastside Food Co-op will remain in place. Eastside’s shop space has become inadequate by 2012.

They needed to grow in order to carry out their purpose and satisfy customer demands. Eastside was able to finish a $6.5 million expansion project, tripling the area of the sales floor and adding much-needed parking spots, with a lot of assistance from their community. On July 12, 2016, they opened the expanded store to customers, and in the first year after the expansion, they had a 45% increase in business. This year’s expansion involved hiring 35 new people.


Eastside Deli, Local Producers, Classes & Events, & More


Address: 2551 Central Ave N E, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: (612) 788-0950
Website: www.eastsidefood.coop


“I’ve been going to this store since they open and we became a member. Great store and the staff are helpful and very friendly. You can shop here if you are not a member too. Great produce and dairy schedule. I also love the bulk aisle.” – Heather R.