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5 Best Driving Schools in Minneapolis, MN

Below is a list of the top and leading Driving Schools in Minneapolis. To help you find the best Driving Schools located near you in Minneapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Minneapolis’ Best Driving Schools:

The top rated Driving Schools in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • Wal-Mara Driving School – teach traffic safety rules and regulations
  • Safari Driving School – is a family-owned and managed state-licensed driving school
  • BEKELE Driving School – pride themselves on providing a supportive style of training
  • Kens Driving School – is the Twin cities’ premier driving school
  • Main Street Driving School – offers high-quality teen programs

Wal-Mara Driving SchoolDriving Schools in Minneapolis

Wal-Mara Driving School‘s goal is to teach traffic safety rules and regulations and make a difference in the driving habits of their students. They believe everyone should get safety training without age, cultural and language limitations. Thus, roads and highways safety goals can be accomplished only through education and awareness. For safety and insurance purposes, they may video or audio record both outside and inside of the vehicle during field training. They may also communicate with other drivers on the road.

Driving trainees will be given lessons one to six to study prior to taking BTW. This will help improve students’ awareness of safety skills and training goals. The materials and training will be adjusted according to the student’s capability and level of knowledge. In the future, the electronic simulation will be added to the curriculum to support the training.


Driving Lessons


Address: 4000 S 28th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (612) 454-8986
Website: www.walmaradrivingschool.com


“This was a great driving school for adults. The instructor Gugsa, was so kind and patient. He made everything clear and was thorough. He was great at holding our schedule and communicating. I would highly recommend this driving school. And the prices were consistent and fair.” – Takneeia S.

Safari Driving SchoolTop Driving Schools in Minneapolis

Safari Driving School is a family-owned and managed state-licensed driving school serving central, Inland and Hennepin, and Ramsey county. For 19 years they have particularized in defensive driving instruction and nervous people. Their fine service is an expression of the true care they have for their students. Safari Driving School has its goal set to be able to give a far-reaching experience for driving enthusiasts. This training is conferred considering the extraordinarily essential arrangement of aptitudes needed for driving.

They as a driving school stand licensed by the concerned specialist of the state. In addition, their educators are likewise well-qualified individuals offering the finest driving proficiency to all. Since they as an authoritative body are protected, the understudies experience the best wellbeing guidelines amid the preparation time frame.


Driving Lesson, Video Classes, Safety Measures


Address: 1200 10th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: (612) 310-3009
Website: www.safaridrivingschool.com


“Mr. Ali is an excellent instructor. He makes learning very easy. He has good techniques to teach behind the wheel. I highly recommend him for beginners and also for those who cannot get through the road test.” – Shravani A.

BEKELE Driving SchoolDriving Schools Minneapolis

BEKELE Driving School‘s professional, amiable, and patient licensed instructors are trained extensively and DMV-certified to teach you all you need to know about driving. Whether you are a new driver, an adult who is new to Minnesota or the United States, or you want to get familiar with Minnesota driving laws, and want to get a behind a wheel diving certificate they can help. They pride themselves on providing a supportive style of training when working with you. BEKELE Driving School expects each of its teachers to act in a professional and gracious manner when providing instructions. It is their priority to make each of their students a safe driver.


Driving Lesson, Packages


Phone: (612) 275-5052
Website: www.bedrivingschool.com


“BEKELE driving school is a place if you want to be on the road. The driving instructor was patient, informative, and observant. He taught me a lot about not just passing the driving exam but how to be a safe and confident driver. Overall great experience it is my first time yo be behind the wheel, in three sessions training I’m able to handle the car on the road.” – Abdirahman A.

Kens Driving SchoolGood Driving Schools in Minneapolis

Kens Driving School is the Twin cities’ premier driving school. Whether you have never driven a car, or maybe you need a few extra hours of practice to pass your road test, they can help. Adults, teens, and immigrants/non-citizens are welcome at Ken’s Driving. The path to getting a Minnesota driver’s license can be challenging. Their professional instructors are committed to helping you succeed in becoming a safer driver while teaching you the required skills to successfully pass your road test. They will work with you to customize a program that meets your goals and needs, regardless of your driving experience, nationality, or native language.


Adult Lessons, Teen Lessons, Immigrants & Non-citizen Lessons


Phone: (651) 504-2333
Website: www.kensdriving.com


“Incredible teaching and advice! I had failed the road test 3 times before being recommended Ken’s and nearly got a perfect score after 1 lesson. The information I received about showing awareness, changing lanes, and specific advice about the roads at my testing area paid off completely. Dale was very nice, patient, encouraging, and attentive and I understood his advice. I could feel my skills improving as he talked with me. Could not recommend their service more if you lack confidence that you’ll pass the road test, or aren’t sure why you had failed a previous attempt.” – Kyle W.

Main Street Driving SchoolOne of the best Driving Schools in Minneapolis

Main Street Driving School offers high-quality teen programs for those under 18 and adult packages for ages 18 and up. They have immediate teen program openings. For teenagers, they provide the thirty hours of classroom training and six hours of behind-the-wheel training required by the state of Minnesota. For adults, they provide behind-the-wheel training for beginners to those preparing for the road test.


Adult Program, Teen Program


Address: 8616 Xylon Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55445
Phone: (763) 227-5210
Website: www.mainstreetds.com


“Doug was so patient and encouraging with my granddaughter who had high anxiety about driving. Now she has her license! Highly recommend Main Street.” – Diana H.

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