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5 Best Delivery Apps That Every Courier and Delivery Company Should Have

Delivery companies, such as couriers, messengers, trucking companies, etc… , work in a highly stressful and tense industry. In the modern world, customers seamlessly demand their products instantaneously, which, in some instances, can be an impractical task given some logistical requirements.

Fortunately, the rate of technological innovation means that delivery companies now have access to some amazing apps, which can help streamline their operations and meet customer expectations.

So, if you work in the delivery industry and think your operations could do with a healthy boost in efficiency, here are the 5 best delivery apps that every courier and delivery company should have.

What Are the Best Delivery Apps?

Here are listed 5 best delivery apps for courier and delivery companies:

  1. DeliveryMark – works with all deliveries, best on the market
  2. Axon – eliminate driver pay stress
  3. On Fleet – increase on-time deliveries
  4. OnnAway – making your delivery operation easier
  5. Key Software Systems – all-in-one courier app

1. DeliveryMark


Website: www.deliverymark.com
Available on:
Apple Store: download here
Android: download here

DeliveryMark.com is an effective and reliable app used by delivery organizations, couriers, movers,  and other small businesses. At just $7 per month, DeliveryMark can be used by all businesses making deliveries, regardless of size, profitability and market influence. Using this software will help your small company or start-up look incredibly professional and reliable, without you having to spend hundreds of dollars every month to achieve logistical efficiency.

So, what else makes DeliveryMark so good? Well, it’s very accessible, affordable, and easy to use. Even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, you can master the app with very little experience or technical knowledge. Using the website is just as easy and intuitive. Moreover, DeliveryMark allows you to do everything you need to do when organizing deliveries and orders. Through the app, you can create orders, take photos, track deliveries via GPS and even create a POD (proof of delivery) document, which is stamped with the time, date and location. Tracking and collecting signatures for your deliveries has never been this easy!

2. Axon

Website: www.axonsoftware.com
Available on:
Apple Store: download here

If you want to slash your administration work in half, Axon Software can achieve just that. There are over 16 000 Axon users in the US, which has generated over 53 million leads through this innovative and ground-breaking software. What makes Axon so great is the level of integration – everything you do via the app is integrated in real time, meaning the vital information only needs to be entered once, saving you time and money. With Axon, your delivery company can increase cash flow, eliminate driver stress, increase driver/customer retention levels and improve your productivity with the same level of raw labour units. By cutting costs, Axon will ensure that your business can expand its operational scope and improve its revenue margins.

3. On Fleet

On Fleet delivery app

Website: www.onfleet.com
Available on:
Apple Store: download here

On Fleet is a must-have app for anyone in the delivery industry. Why? Well, some of their numbers are rather impressive. For example, they’ve tracked over 100 million miles worth of deliveries and are currently operating across 90 countries. On Fleet were able to increase their delivery capacity by almost 50% using their route optimisation engine, which has helped thousands of customers improve their satisfaction rates through accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrival) and real-time visibility. With automatic SMS notifications, real-time driver tracking and a myriad of feedback collection tools, On Fleet will allow your delivery company to improve its efficiency margins via seamless, effective integration of core activities.

4. OnnAway

best delivery app

Website: www.onnaway.com
Available on:
Apple Store: download here

OnnAway is a high-quality, delivery management software that has been helping small and large businesses for many years. OnnAway provides a variety of reliable services for couriers, including real-time driver tracking, which ensures that the driver’s location is accurate and in real-time. It also allows for clients to track orders, via real-time status updates (including relevant ETAs), followed up by text messages reaffirming the current status of the delivery.

Clients also have access to OnnAway’s Client Portal, which allows customers to order online, receive new orders and amend existing orders. Using this portal ensures that delivery companies can provide exceptional customer support, increase their operational productivity and improve driver accessibility in the long-term.

5. Key Software Systems

best app for delivery courier

Website: www.keysoftwaresystems.com

The last entry into this list is Key Software Systems. Key Software Systems is an incredibly powerful, all-in-one courier of software solutions. It is a very versatile platform, designed for all carriers, regardless of size, scope and efficiency. If you want to unlock your business’ potential and derive the best results possible, Key Software Systems should be high up on your list.

The platform uses a variety of different metrics to optimise delivery functionality. These metrics ensure that your company can deliver packages with increased accuracy and speed, thereby bolstering your accountability. With these benefits, your business can attract new suppliers and expand your network while strengthening existing business relationships.