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The Ron Sharon Guide For Getting A Head Start In Cybersecurity

For cybersecurity experts like Ron Sharon, there are a variety of roads to take in order to get to the cybersecurity destination. His own experience in the field has showcased a rather unorthodox approach wherein he developed a passion for the world of computing from an early age when his father brought home their first computer. Through his own curiosity he developed a new sense of awareness, particularly in terms of cybersecurity and scoffed at the idea that businesses weren’t considering potential attacks to be an important factor to consider – thus, the cybersecurity bug bit him.

He developed a knack for understanding the complex layers of security that are required, and more necessary as time progresses. While his tale is one heard many times before, he has given directions to some of the more direct ways in which to pursue this increasingly popular line of work.

The Road To Cybersecurity

For Ron Sharon, the best way to begin this journey into the field would be to understand the lay of the land. By that I mean, knowing how computers work from the get-go, how they establish connections and most vitally, how networks move data around. Understanding the basics allows you to understand more complex terminology and concepts.

Ron Sharon always suggests the online courses that are so freely available, you’re almost spoiled for choice. Understanding the fundamentals through CompTIA A+ and Network+ are excellent jumping off points in the opinion of the expert. Moving onward to courses such as CompTIA Security + where you start using the core principals in a cybersecurity context.

This not only lends you to look more initiative-driven than your compatriots in a job search setting, but also allows you to gain a better understanding of the various variables that are constantly impacting the complete foundations of computing and cybersecurity.

In a final piece of advice Ron Sharon suggests that people apply for jobs that may not even be the best fit from an outside perspective, but one that allows maximal growth.

Moral of the story, education is a great help.

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