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5 Best Bodyguard Services in Miami, FL

A bodyguard can not only give individuals or organizations peace of mind, but they are also specially trained to act in dangerous situations. Your safety is the sole responsibility of these individuals which is why it is so important to find a service that is reliable.

With many bodyguard services available in Miami, FL you need to choose the one that suits your specific needs and that has demonstrated its skills as a company. These are 5 of the best bodyguard services in Miami that we have listed to help you narrow your search.

Top Rated Bodyguard Services in Miami, FL

#1 USPA Security

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USPA Security are the best bodyguard service in Miami, FL for individuals who work or live in high-risk environments. Their expert bodyguards are incredibly skilled and are trained to protect you as soon as the need arises. The training of a bodyguard at USPA Security includes orienteering, defensive driving, speaking multiple languages, and much more.

These individuals are armed and are always ready to do whatever it takes to protect their clients. No matter who needs protection, USPA Security have the best bodyguard services in Miami.

#2 XPressGuards

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XPressGuards is the ideal solution for notable people who do not feel safe travelling around in public alone. Whether you are a celebrity, politician, or another influential figure who is known to the public, you need to feel protected as you go about your business.

XPressGuards employees trained and licensed bodyguards who have undergone intense security training or who have a background in law enforcement. These qualified individuals are the ideal people to have by your side and to keep you safe from harm.

#3 Eagle EyeFlorida bodyguard

Eagle Eye understand that Miami is home to many high profile individuals, which is why it is the location in which you can find their highly trained bodyguards for your security needs.

With backgrounds in security and protection fields, Eagle Eye bodyguards are known for their expert services and for their consistent efforts to do everything in their power to protect their clients from danger. Their bodyguard services are some of the best in Miami.

#4 The Wellington Agency

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The Wellington Agency are highly experienced when it comes to protecting high profile figures and their families in Miami. Whether you are searching for armed or unarmed guards for everyday use or for special occasions, The Wellington Agency can find the solution for you.

Their highly skilled guards are equipped with all of the knowledge necessary to keep you safe and to give you the peace of mind that your family is protected.

#5 Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. has been operating since 1999 and is one of the best bodyguard services in Miami. The experience operatives are carefully selected based on their skills and training and are then deployed to put their knowledge into action and protect the lives of high profile individuals.

These guards are able to conduct crowd control, use defensive driving, or deliver tactical representation. They are ready to handle any situation and will always act in your best interest.