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5 Best Apps To Help You Break Your Smoking Habit

Smoking is a hard habit to break. But with the right tools and guidance, you may be able to turn it all around! It can be hard to find consistent and cost-effective solution to get you off the ciggies. To help you quit your smoking addiction, here is our top 5 applications that can help you live a life smoke-free.

5 Best Apps To Help You Break Your Smoking Habit

#1 Alive

Quit smoking app

It’s not easy to quit smoking cold turkey and Alive knows firsthand how difficult it is. That’s why they’ve created an application to get you to taper off and reduce your smoking consumption little bit little until you’re smoke-free.

This application calculates based on your smoking history and years of usage, how much you should have from week 1 onwards in a way that keeps your anxiety levels at bay. One other benefit it’s completely free. Forget all those other programs that make a buck out of you. Alive is well intent on keeping you well – alive.

#2 QuitBuddy

Quit smoking

For those feel like they’re going through this alone, fear not – QuitBuddy is on your side. It is 2nd of the list for good reason. With over 1,000 users rating the app a 3.8 you can see why everyone’s turning to them for a friend. This app has guidelines to help you quit for good, keep you off the cravings, and keep you in check throughout the whole process. You can list out your goals and see how far you’ve come throughout your journey.

For those who need a bit of a distraction they offer games to keep you entertained during this tough time. You can even get messaging options to ensure that you’ve got a friend to help you get through this.

#3 Kwit

App to quit

If you need a bit motivation in your quitting journey, Kwit will help you hit it and kwit it for good. Taking on inspiration from holistic medicine, Kwit offers motivational mantras for those dialing back from cravings.

They not only help for those who smoke ciggies – if you vape or are still on the nicotine high, Kwit can give you the tools to cut back. The true embodiment of Lizzo if she was a phone app Kwit is your sister from another mister.

#4 Get Rich Or Die Smoking

Tools to quit smoking

If money is tight, Get Rich Or Die Smoking takes a financial approach to quit-smoking apps. It takes a look at your overall spending to make sure you can save more than you earn. It has a meter to track and keep you up to date what you have saved, giving you motivation to reach your goals.

Another benefit, it has a community forum allowing you to have other people help you get through the process. This app will get everyone feeling a little Richie Rich by the end of it.

#5 Smoke Free

Quit app

Smoke free takes a more statistic based strategy to get the smoke of out of your lungs and give you more room for air in your brain. Offering dozens of facts, smoke free takes the hassle out of misinformation that’s out there to make sure you get the facts straight.