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Wine History Tours Are For The One’s Who Enjoy The Best Of Both

History, like a fine wine, only gets better and more fulfilling with age – this is the fundamental principle that founded Wine History Tours. The Oregon staple tour company was founded by Ken and Tamara Wytsma and is a labor of love in every sense of the word.

Without passion in the project, there would be little to be writing about – while it is a business, you could certainly say that these two never feel like they work a day in their lives. Their passion and pure enjoyment of the subjects of wine and history is what makes each tour so enticing and exciting to witness, there is a devotion to providing a stellar and unforgettable experience that cannot be manufactured.

Just how did it all get started, and where is it going from here? Read on to find out.

Wine Meets History

Their goal was simple, to mix two of their combined passions into a singular experience that could leave a lasting impression on the ones who dare to traipse them, and to expose people to the rustic and idyllic landscapes where our favorite wines are born from.

The unique aspect to Wine History Tours is an unbridled dedication to telling a good story while showcasing the fruitful flavors – both Tamara and Ken have a passion for wine and for history which led to this fruitful endeavor.

Ken Wytsma, coming from a background of philosophy and spirituality, began his career teaching graduate courses around the globe and founding the multinational Justice Conference. His love of history led him into the tempting realm of wine history, which has a rich backstory in a number of countries and regions around the world. This curiosity led him to become an expert in wine history and he still lectures and writes on a number of wine history topics.

Tamara Wytsma on the other hand is a traveling professional photographer who has traveled the world and appreciated and captured various wine regions through the looking glass. Her passion and zeal for adventurous exploration of different regions and histories of wine makes her the perfect Yin to Ken’s Yang in providing a holistic and beautiful balanced experience that is founded and fueled by love for the subject.

Together they exude a passion and energetic experience that has to be seen to be believed, their hospitable nature is apparent and is unique all in itself.

They currently offer tours of their local Willamette Valley, offering bespoke tours that are adjustable to their fellow adventurers. Each tour offers a unique element and understanding of what makes the Willamette Valley so special, the future holds exciting possibilities for international adventures to some of the most famous regions in the world.

We’ll be staying tuned for that!

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