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Top 3 Red Light Therapy Products by Body Balance System for Gyms and Spas in 2024

When it comes to health and wellness technology, red light therapy products have carved out a significant niche. In 2024, these innovative devices offer a blend of convenience and efficacy, making them a cornerstone of modern therapeutic practices. From advanced full-body beds to targeted facial treatments, we explore the top three products that stand out for their exceptional performance and technological sophistication.

Top Rated and Best Red Light Therapy Products for Your Business

#1 OvationULT™ Bed by Body Balance System


Body Balance System, led by Michael Londo, introduced the OvationULT™ bed, a revolutionary product in red light therapy. This bed, born from a personal mission to radically improve health outcomes, offers a unique zero-gravity experience combined with frequency massage, setting new standards in therapy effectiveness.

The OvationULT™ specializes in delivering superior light intensity, with an average output of 68 milliwatts per centimeter squared. Its design ensures the closest possible proximity of diodes to the body, maximizing therapeutic benefits.

The bed has gained acclaim in health circles, featuring in prominent spas and clinics. Its success is exemplified by businesses like Sunday’s Sun Spa, which reports significant results and customer satisfaction.

#2 ApolloARC by Body Balance System


Step into the future of red light therapy with ApolloARC, another innovative creation by Londo. The ApolloARC is designed as an arc system, specifically tailored for body treatments, and underscores Londo’s proficiency in creating superior technology in the field of red light therapy.

ApolloARC is renowned for its potent diodes, boasting an impressive 191mw/cm2 irradiance, surpassing the average market capability. This system ensures an immersive and highly effective treatment experience, focusing on rejuvenation and wellness.

The ApolloARC offers a range of health benefits including pain management, enhanced muscle gain, improved skin quality, accelerated wound healing, reduced inflammation, and improved joint and brain health. It features 340 diodes, a simple cleaning process, and is crafted from bio-compatible materials. Additionally, the ApolloARC is user-friendly and designed for easy mobility and installation.

This product’s remarkable efficacy is matched by its thoughtful design, ensuring it fits through standard doorways and plugs into regular outlets, making it an excellent choice for various professional settings.

#3 ApolloGLOW by Body Balance System


ApolloGLOW represents the zenith in skincare red light therapy, a significant offering from Body Balance System. It boasts the market’s most potent diodes, with an irradiance of 191mw/cm2, far surpassing the average competitor’s capabilities.

This system is designed to revolutionize skincare routines, focusing on promoting collagen production, reducing scar appearance, and enhancing skin’s natural glow. With ApolloGLOW, clients can experience a transformative skincare journey.

ApolloGLOW is not only powerful but also user-friendly. It includes 170 diodes, requires minimal maintenance, and is made from bio-compatible materials. The system is designed for easy handling and fits into standard spaces, making it a versatile addition to any professional setting.