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5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston. To help you find the best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys located near you in Houston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Houston’s Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys:

The top-rated Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston are:

  • Sturm Law – the preeminent trial advocate for employers, employees, and executives.
  • Filteau & Sullivan – wrongful termination, unpaid wages, discrimination, retaliation, and other work-related legal issues.
  • Warren & Siurek, LLP – employment law solutions for employees in Houston and Southeast Texas since 1992.
  • Scharfman Law Firm – representing clients in employment law matters.
  • Shellist Lazarz Slobin – representing employees, employers, and executives in Houston and Harris County.

Sturm Law

5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston

Sturm Law provides in-depth legal solutions in different areas of business law and employment matters. The severity of the seriousness of your legal issue doesn’t matter, because the lawyers at Sturm Law know that your rights need to be protected and are of the utmost priority. Charles A. Sturm, the founding attorney of the firm has one of the best reputations in Texas and is one of the leading advocates for both employees and employers alike. If you have legal trouble when it comes to business or employment law, call Sturm Law now to jumpstart your legal solutions.

Employee representation, representation for executives, employer representation, business litigation.

Address: 712 Main St #900, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 955-1800
Website: sturmlegal.com

Charles was excellent in helping our company when we needed his expertise. He is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. Would recommend him to anyone in need of his service. – Ryan Stick

Filteau & Sullivan

The Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston

Filteau & Sullivan knows that employees have rights, and that’s the main reason they help and protect them. The firm focuses on employment law and labor issues. They provide assistance to clients who have been wrongfully dismissed, have been discriminated against, have yet to get their salary or overtime pay, and sexual harassment and workplace harassment cases. Their team of legal specialists is highly-qualified, highly-competent, and are experienced in the field of labor and employment law. Working with Fliteau and Sullivan will guarantee you the best possible outcome for your case.

Employment law, commercial litigation.

Address: 9894 Bissonnet St # 865, Houston, TX 77036
Phone: (713) 236-1400
Website: litigation-houston.com

I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing assistance with employment issues. They always answered my questions and they take charge when you need it. Thank you, Mr. Filteau, for everything you did to help me. – Karri Barrow

Warren & Siurek, LLP

Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Houston

Warren & Siurek, LLP offers potent legal representation to clients in Southeast Texas that are dealing with employment law issues. Managing partner Mark Siurek leads the charge for people who needs legal representation, alongside his team of highly-competent, highly-qualified, proficient, and experienced lawyers. The law firm tackles a wide variety of issues for employees and employers in a variety of industries. Issues like wrongful termination, equal pay for women, breach of duty, and more are handled by their legal experts and will give you the best possible outcome for your case.

Executives, salaried, commissioned, and hourly workers, family, and medical leave pay equity.

Address: 3334 Richmond Ave Suite 100, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (832) 699-1988
Website: warrensiurek.com

I had a Compensation case. Mark Siurek and his team were very helpful, responsive, professional, and easy to work with. We defined our objectives, our cost target, and our deadline upfront. We settled the case out of court meeting our requirements. – Robert Bly

Scharfman Law Firm

Houston Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys

Scharfman Law Firm provides only the highest level of representation, service, and professionalism due to clients expecting it from a top firm. They represent their clientele in a myriad of business and employment legal matters in front of a lot of state and federal trials and appellate courts. The firm has an amazing roster of lawyers who are highly competent, professional, and experienced with matters that deal with employment law. If you are looking for the right fit in representing you with your employment dispute, call Scharfman Law now and start the process of winning your case.

Age discrimination, wrongful discharge, family and medical leave act, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, national origin discrimination.

Address: 3120 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 255-2267
Website: scharfmanlawfirm.com

From beginning to end, Mr. Scharfman handled my case with great professionalism, care, and compassion. He offered great advice and counsel in dealing with my day-to-day life and kept me informed of all legal events and issues. – Sam Varazi

Shellist Lazarz Slobin

Houston's Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys

Shellist Lazarz Slobin is a boutique law firm that specializes in employment and labor cases. The firm helps clients maximize the recovery of money owed to executives when it comes to stock options, retirement benefits, separation pay, and more. They also offer legal representation to both employers and employees when it comes to lawsuits and assists their clients in issues like discrimination claims, wrongful terminations, overtime pay suits, and more. SLS also has a crack team of legal specialists who are highly-qualified, highly-skilled, and experienced in assisting and representing clients to get the outcome they need and deserve.

Employment law

Address: 11 Greenway Plaza #1515, Houston, TX 77046
Phone: (713) 352-3433
Website: eeoc.net

From day one, Todd Slobin was committed to helping me with my case. Todd constantly engaged and provided sound advice. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and would recommend him to anyone seeking resolution in their case. – Deci Alvarez

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