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5 Best Leadership Programs in the Houston area

“What skills do you need to be a leader?” This is one of the most common questions asked by professionals who are interested in leadership programs. The answer? It depends on what your goals are as an individual and as a company. But there are some general themes that you can expect to gain from participating in leadership programs: improved performance at work, greater social skills, and personal growth.

Leadership skills are not something that you can learn overnight. It takes a lot of time and dedication to be an effective leader, but the benefits are well worth it! In this article, we will talk about what leadership programs have to offer, how they can benefit professionals in their careers and where the best ones are in the Houston area.

Houston is a booming city that’s full of opportunity. Houston has been ranked as the #1 fastest-growing big city in America, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. This gives people all over the country an opportunity to come here for business opportunities, as there are plenty of jobs available! It also means that there will be room for even more growth and innovation in the future, which makes this a great place for entrepreneurs to learn to become leaders!

These are the 5 best places to go to become leaders in the Houston area:

1. Leadership Coach Group

Website: www.leadershipcoachgroup.com

The Leadership Coach Group, a company which has its branches in the Houston area, leads the way nationwide when it comes to coaching professionals in the art of becoming great and influential leaders. Each of the coaches within the team have led lives involved in business and particularly in the higher echelons of management and other influential positions.

Because of this, they have a lot of wisdom to be spared to clients who wish to climb the hierarchy of their business and become leaders.

2. Lighthouse Leadership Coaching

Website: www.lighthouseleadershipcoaching.com

Lighthouse Leadership Coaching is run by Dr. John, a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author, executive performance speaker and overall expert on how professionals can gain confidence and achieve their goals. His process is interesting, including stakeholders, managers, peers and others into it.

He also aims to make the client uncomfortable and step out of their comfort zone, as he believes this is where leaders are made. Dr. John also hosts a number of different workshops, aimed at helping those who are timid, emotional intelligence, high impact presentations and so on.

A great choice for business professionals.

3. Turnkey Coaching Solutions

Turnkey Coaching Solutions

Website: turnkeycoachingsolutions.com

Turnkey Coaching Solutions can help you to grow your business and maximize your leadership performance. The growth and success of a business is highly dependent on the success of the leader, and thus, leadership coaching is important to ensure success.

Turnkey Coaching Solutions understands this better than most people and provides solutions for those involved in all levels of business.

4. Hoff Executive Coaching

Hoff Executive Coaching

Website: www.hoffexecutivecoaching.com

Hoff Executive Coaching was founded by Elizabeth A. Hoff, a highly qualified and experienced executive who decided to take her skills and transfer them into helping others achieve their goals. She has led teams in both the private and public sector in the US market, and it is this vast experience that has allowed her to help others so well. The site lists numerous “Hoff-isms”, which are the core values of the company and how they will be used to help you.

5. Thinking Partners

Thinking Partners

Website: www.thinkingpartners.com

Thinking Partners is run by Bruce Anderson and Ken Roseboom. While the website may look old fashioned, don’t let that trick you. Bruce and Ken have a huge number of years of experience in their portfolio.

Their practice philosophy involves helping their clients to learn more about themselves as leaders, broaden perspectives, measure achievements, develop strategies, stay accountable and so on.

Definitely worth a look!

Conclusively, leadership coaching is an important program to pursue if you are not a natural leader, or even if you want to increase your skillset. There is something for everyone at these companies!