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Travelingturks: Best Option For Private Tour Guides And Health Tourism

May be the first rule of feeling free while traveling is to be able to move without being dependent on the others, especially away from mass tourism and groups. Of course, this kind of travel does not eliminate the need to apply to professionals when necessary. For example when you are in Paris , you are in Paris and you have a plan to visit the Louvre Museum, of course, if you do not want to leave this richest museum of the world tired, exhausted, without learning and enjoying.

Best private guiding services all around the world

Travelingturks was established to provide tour guiding services all over the world for individual trips of Turkish travelers, then it launched this service for all world languages; arranging private tour guides in 34 languages and 11 most important destinations of the world; Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Barcelona, Dubai, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Bangkok and Turkey’s Cappadocia region.

How much is the private guide service fee?

The hours of private guiding fees varies according to the city visited and the language preffered. To give an example, while the daily price of an English speaking licensed tour guide in Istanbul is around 140 €, this amount changes to 50-80 € per hour in Rome, Amsterdam and Paris.

Hair transplant and dental treatment in Turkey

Travelingturks website also promotes quality and reliable medical clinics in the field of health tourism. Turkey is the most popular destination in the world, especially in the field of hair transplantation, dental treatments and aesthetic surgery. Every year, 1 million people visit Turkey for hair transplantation and 200,000 for treatments such as hollywood smile, dental implants, veneer and crowns. In these fields Turkey is the most preferred and reliable country in terms of price and quality. You can have your treatment in Turkey at one tenth of the price in the USA. For more information you can refer the following links.