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5 Best Shopping Centre in Columbus🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Shopping Center in Columbus. To help you find the best Shopping Center located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus’s Best Shopping Centre:

The top rated Shopping Centre in Columbus are:

  • Easton Town Center – premier shopping and entertainment destination
  • Lennox Town Centre – offers big-box retailers and a movie theater
  • Polaris Town Center – offers great retail deals with known clothing and supply stores
  • Polaris Fashion Place – a two-story shopping mall and retail
  • Eastland Mall – first enclosed shopping mall in Columbus.

Easton Town Center

Best Shopping Centre in Columbus

Easton Town Center render quality services as one of the premier shopping and entertainment destination. The town center looks like a self-contained town. It contains 300 retailers along with great dining choices. Varying sizes of retailer shops, diners, and food chains occupy the mall’s space. This gives people continuous fun when shopping knowing they have lots of options to choose from. Ohio’s largest movie theater is also housed in this shopping center. They also offer superior parks and fountains for casual walks. The shopping mall attracts about 25 million shoppers a year.

Products/ Services: 

shopping, entertainment, parks, comedy hall, movie theater, dining


160 Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH 43219, United States

Phone: 614-337-2200

Website: eastontowncenter.com


“Love shopping at this mall! There’s always new additions and also different events going on. The location is kept clean and the bathrooms are always clean as well! There’s security everywhere ensuring a safe environment and there’s a lot of options for food and entertainment. Great mall to go on a date, with family or friends!” – Josh Vanecko

Lennox Town Centre

5 Shopping Centre in Columbus

Lennox Town Centre offers big-box retailers and a movie theater for a great entertainment experience. This sprawling 373,913 square feet shopping center also includes a variety of dining choices you can choose from. It is very accessible since it is one of the most visible sites in town. Little competition for the retailers are felt since it is uniquely located. In addition to a huge number of residents near the shopping center, the Ohio State University is adjacent to it. This increases the number of visitors in the shopping centre with students, faculty, and staff.

Products/ Services: 

shopping, entertainment, movie theater, dining, retail


Address: 1647 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43212, United States


Website: sitecenters.com/properties/lennox-town-center


“Always a beautiful place to shop and eat……I visited Target and Old Navy on this trip. Everyone was following social distancing and masks” – Sarah Helm

Polaris Town Center

Shopping Centre in Columbus

Polaris Town Center offers great retail deals with known clothing and supply stores. It exemplifies as a great power center in the submarket of Northern Columbus. This 730, 365 square feet shopping center is just across the Polaris Fashion Mall. Casual eateries serve delicious dishes that people can enjoy. This bustling shopping centre serves more than 300,000 customers during the day time. It also offers accessibility from I-71.

Products/ Services: 

shopping, entertainment, movie theater, dining, retail


Address: 1181 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240, United States

Phone: 877-225-5337

Website: sitecenters.com/properties/polaris-towne-center


“Went into the krogers here. Amazing. Great deals. Amazing service. Friendly staff. Food, like produce, was fresh. All aisles seemed stocked and clean. First time shopping at this location. Next time we’re in town we will be back for sure.” – Nicole Boguslawski

Polaris Fashion Place

5 Best Shopping Centre in Co

Polaris Fashion Place serves their customers in a two-story shopping mall. It is accessible and visible from Interstate 71. This shopping center is filled with retail shops and restaurants. Some key features of the mall are shops from famous brands such as H&M, Von Maur, and Field & Stream. It also has outdoor shops for Barnes and Nobles and Forever 21. Aside from restaurants and shops, it is also part of a larger real estate development. Shops has varying products for customers to choose from. It provides a great ambience for a shopping experience.

Products/ Services: 

shopping, entertainment, retail


Address:1500 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240, United States

Phone: 614-846-1500

Website: polarisfashionplace.com


“Great food, employees have good customer service, a lot of variety in shopping!” – Nina Kohtamaki

Eastland Mall

 Best Shopping in Columbus

Eastland Mall is the first enclosed shopping mall in Columbus. It was built in 1968 and has continued serving the public for years. Uniquely, the shopping mall only has a single-story. This provides easier navigation for their customers. Its amenities include ATMs, children play area, stroller rentals, and many more. The mall caters different retailers for more options to choose from. Different events are also held in the mall from time to time.

Products/ Services: 

shopping, entertainment, movie theater, dining, retail


Address: 2740 Eastland Mall B, Columbus, OH 43232, United States

Phone: 614-861-3234
Website: eastlandmall614.com


“I went into the store to purchase me a hat with my name put on it from the lids inside the mall and the man there was so friendly and so helpful I would definitely recommend going to that store because they have great customer service.” – Melissa Marie