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5 Best Party Supplies in Columbus 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Party Supplies in Columbus. To help you find the best Party Supplies located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus’s Best Party Supplies:

The top-rated Party Supplies in Columbus are:

  • Party City – has a wide range of party supplies for any occasion and theme
  • O’ Neil Tents and Party Supplies – an equipment rental company for various party needs
  • Ballooniacs – a balloon store with various designs and colors of balloons available
  • T-rrific Table Linens – provide a complete collection of linens of various colors
  • Hobby Lobby – carries various craft materials and party supplies

Party City

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Party City has a wide range of party supplies for any occasion and theme. They have the largest inventory of quality items. Their general supplies include balloons, tableware, and catering supplies. In addition, they accept customization of party invites and banners. They also have complete items of cooking and baking supplies. Their birthday party supplies include themed items and wall decorations. They also have pinatas and a wide range of candies. Furthermore, there are costumes and wedding supplies available for grabs. There are also Halloween makeups and face paints with skin-friendly ingredients.


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Address: 3707 Easton Market, Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: (380)-215-0052
Website: stores.partycity.com/us/oh/columbus/party-store-pc5279.html?extcmp=GMBlisting_OH_PC5279_organic


“I just left from there. I have an event for two days and found a sale online. They didnt have the original item I was seeking in stock but working with Narasha I was able to pick up something similar for my event! She exuded great customer service and ensured a sale for Party City due to her diligence. Thank you Narasha!!! I didn’t leave disappointed” – Kendra Spencer

O’Neil Tents and Party Supplies 

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O’ Neil Tents and Party Supplies is an equipment rental company for various party needs. They have supplies of tents in different styles and sizes. Moreover, they cater to festival organizers, sporting events, and weddings. They have been in the industry for over 50 years. Their team quickly sets up the equipment before the event starts. They also provide safety to ensure that it will not collapse. Aside from tents, they also sell their accessories to add more aesthetics. They are also open for flooring and staging rentals. To complete it, their lighting equipment is of the latest makes. They also have diverse items of lighting supplies.


party supply, tents, flooring, lighting


Address:  895 W Walnut St, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Phone: (614)-837-6352
Website: oneiltents.com


“They supplied the tent and rentals for my mom’s wedding 4 years ago and now for ours. They were there to set up 2 days before the event at 9:30am and did an amazing job. We had everything we needed and it was all in fantastic condition. We will always use them first above any other company. Thank you so much!!!!” – Jordan Kolar


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Ballooniacs is a balloon store with various designs and colors of balloons available. They can make any design out of their ballons. The team asks for the ideas of their clients and makes it into a reality. Furthermore, they have hand-crafted balloon art, design specialty balloons, and decorate private events. They also have classes to teach ballooning skills. Moreover, they provide entertainment to birthday parties and private events. They also provide customized designs for various characters and sculptures. Parades also become more colorful with their balloon designs. There are also delivery services to assure that the balloons are intact.


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Address: 33 S James Rd, Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (614)-412-5312
Website: ballooniacs.com


“It was wonderful! The balloons showed up on time, they were a beautiful display for a teenager. Definitely will have one done for my other son. Thank you!!”  – Michael Gill

T-rrific Table Linens 

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T-rrific Table Linens provide a complete collection of linens of various colors. They also offer linens with a rare color scheme. It is used for chair and table covers. In addition, they also prepare the venue to become more beautiful. They also have a modern laundry facility. This makes sure that the linens are clean and safe to use. Furthermore, they also accept customization of linens to fit the dimensions needed by the customer. Some of their linen colors include basic solid, imperial satin, and plaids. There are also metallics and sheer overlays. They also supply napkins with intricate designs.


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Address: 600 Shoemaker Ave # 1, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: (614)-299-3693
Website: trriffic.com


“I’m a coordinator at dock580 and we work with T-rriffic weekly to provide linens for our brides. Teresa is great at getting back to us and helping us find the perfect linens for our brides. Would highly recommend them for your linen needs!” – Maddie Burton

Hobby Lobby

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Hobby Lobby carries various craft materials and party supplies. They also provide fabric and home decor products. There are great collections that can be beautifully added to any event. Furthermore, they have more than 70,000 products to choose from. This includes scrapbooking and jewelry making materials. There are also custom framing and floral items. The imagination of their buyers can be brought into life with their quality products. They also display seasonal products depending on the event or holidays. Their staff moves quickly and is usually a destination for creative people.


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Address: 2680 Sawmill Pl Blvd, Columbus, OH 43235
Phone: (614)-766-6410
Website: hobbylobby.com


“Love love love hobby lobby… they have some very unique things. When the have items on sale they are too good to pass up. They have so much beautiful house decor it’s crazy. Also everyone who works there is usually amazing. We’ve never had any issues.” – Trishia Biggs