5 Best IT Consulting Firms in Los Angeles

IT companies in LA

IT consultancy is a crucial service to look into for any business. With the smooth operation of modern technology a priority for businesses in this day and age, an IT consultant can be the missing key you need to propel your business towards success.

Essential for helping you streamline your strategy and with expert knowledge on the approaches that you should be taking, these 5 IT consulting firms are the best in Los Angeles.

Best IT Consulting Firms in Los Angeles:

#1 EnkonixA Los Angeles IT firm smiling as they use their computers to help clients.

Enkonix was founded in 2016 and has since grown into an internationally successful IT consulting firm. The goal at Enkonix is to create a seamless workflow for businesses of any size and of any industry using innovative IT solutions. The team’s passion for helping businesses reach their goals is clear, and they are committed to providing advanced and easy to use products.

Enkonix have built a wide range of products from scratch over the past few years, and have dealt with spheres such as e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, augmented reality, finance, sharing economy, and more. With technological development constantly occurring, an IT consulting firm such as Enkonix can help your LA business stay ahead.

#2 TechMDA member of an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles using a computer and headset to provide customer support.

TechMD are an LA IT consulting firm that truly care about your business. The team are invested in your growth and believe that it leads to growth for the community as a whole. They are sure to take the time to fully understand your business and what you need from the IT side of things.

They build a relationship with you to give you someone to trust whenever any issues arise. You can rely on the team’s extensive knowledge of all things IT and be guaranteed solutions that work for your specific business.

#3 SugarShotA best LA IT consulting firm speaking to a client and using a laptop and tablet to plan their tech strategy.

SugarShot are a highly unique IT consulting firm. They aim to provide the most advanced, innovative solutions to keep your business ahead of the competition. Offering IT audits, managed IT support, cybersecurity, incident response, IT compliance, and even temporary IT staffing, the company delivers well-rounded solutions to any of your IT-related needs.

Built from two successful Los Angeles IT companies, SugarShot have a combined four decades of knowledge on the IT space and its developments. Their mission is to rebel against IT norms and do things differently, but in a way that works. For an LA IT consulting firm with a unique twist, SugarShot is a great choice.

#4 Be StructuredAn IT consulting firm team at a table with their laptops supporting clients.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, Be Structured have nearly 15 years of experience delivering IT service to a range of LA businesses. The company is partnered with industry leading-vendors and in-house innovators to provide only the most comprehensive IT solutions.

They aim to solve all of the problems that your business has today while also presenting ones that are likely to arise in the future. Their awareness of developments in the industry sets them apart as one of the top IT consulting firms in LA.

#5 Alternis IT

Best IT Consulting Firms in Los Angeles

Alternis IT have a focus on small to mid-size LA businesses. They provide thorough and well-rounded solutions that will effectively streamline a business’ operations without breaking the bank.

The client-centric attitude that the team demonstrates allows them to create tailored solutions made to help your business reach its goals. Particularly for smaller businesses in LA who want to stay ahead of their competitors, this company is an ideal choice.