5 Best Gyms in Houston 🥇

5 Best Gyms in Houston

Below is a list of the top and leading Gyms in Houston. To help you find the best Gym located near you in Houston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Houston’s Best Gym:

The top-rated Gym in Houston are:

  • OAK Fitness – family-owned fitness club with lots of equipment for all lifters.
  • Facet Seven Fitness Heights – spacious, industrial-style gym offering a wide range of fitness equipment, group classes & CrossFit.
  • Washington Gym – provides a focused, rugged yet intimate environment in which to reach your health & fitness goals.
  • Prestige Strength Fitness – strength and conditioning center with nutrition and weight loss programs.
  • Kinitro Fitness – effective use of resistance training to strengthen muscles and improve body composition.

OAK Fitness

5 Best Gyms in Houston

OAK Fitness focuses on the sense of community and how important it is. Their passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals via collaborative programs that are stemmed from their core values of integrity, teamwork, perseverance, cleanliness, and community. The gym is located in the heart of Houston in the Washington Corridor neighborhood. They offer personal training, strength and conditioning training, yoga, and other fitness regiments.

Optimum athletics and kinetics.

Address: 4620 Center St, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (832) 582-5025
Website: oak-fitness.com

Y’all, this gym is amazing! Wes and Laura are so wonderful and welcoming! They have gathered some of the best and unique equipment out there. Lots of friendly people here and you’ll feel like you just joined a family on day one. Stop in and try it out. Definitely won’t disappoint! – Lauren Roig

Facet Seven Fitness Heights

The Best Gyms in Houston

Facet Seven Fitness Heights is considered the best brick and mortar gym in the Houston area. The gym has some of the best trainers that man their facilities that has the knowledge and experience that initiate their amazing fitness programs. Each client will be put in a unique, customized program that will produce genuine continued results that are injury-free. Facet also supports people’s fitness in every chapter of their life, so younger and older customers can avail of their services.

Personal training, movement, and nutrition, group class.

Address: 2215 Lawrence St, Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (713) 907-1276
Website: facetsevenfitness.com

This is a gym for anyone who just wants to work out or sculpt your body. None of the extra cost of child care or classes that drive up the price if a gym membership. Simple and awesome gym. – Olga Martinez

Washington Gym

Best Gyms in Houston

Washington Gym‘s staff is passionate about creating authentic results using their programs to help customers when it comes to their long-term wellness. They have two training options; the first is their world-class personal training. Customers will work with one of their co-founders that has over two decades worth of experience. They will develop an individualized program that will help customers reach their goals faster. The second one is their WGX program, which is their open-gym concept that has no contracts, is on a month-to-month basis, allowing customers full access to equipment. These are proven methods that have been producing amazing results since 2011 and are designed for any age or fitness level.

Two main training programs, witness, trainers, nutritionists.

Address: 1925 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (832) 413-1889
Website: washington-gym.com

I’ve been going to Washington Gym consistently for a year now and love it. When I am there, I know I can always count on a good workout and a positive atmosphere. Also, the coaches are awesome and are super helpful during workouts, and whenever I may have questions! – Katie Watts

Prestige Strength Fitness

Houston Best Gyms

Prestige Strength Fitness offers an ‘ala carte’ approach to fitness coaching. Customers can choose from an eclectic collection of training programs like strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, and at-home. They also provide nutritional coaching to help customers maximize their body strength and composition. Another feature of this fitness center is their accountability coaching where they help customers be motivated every single day.

Nutrition plant, customized fitness program, 1-on-1 accountability coaching.

Address: 8572 Katy Fwy #105, Houston, TX 77024
Phone: (281) 732-2319
Website: prestige-sf.com

I love it it’s new and super clean, a little cold but it’s a gym with lots of machines to use. I’m excited to see this place grow. The staff is also very nice! – John Hoffman

Kinitro Fitness

Houston's Best Gyms

Kinitro Fitness helps their clients reach their fitness goals and at the same time change their life. This gym provides everything from an open gym to personalized training from a variety of fitness classes. Their small group fitness classes include strength and conditioning training, Bootcamp style metabolic training, and even yoga classes. Kinitro’s personal trainers have the knowledge and experience to help clients be educated when it comes to the safest and most effective workout regiments.

Strength, conditioning, mobility training.

Address: 9889 Bellaire Blvd #124a, Houston, TX 77036
Phone: (281) 870-2682
Website: kinitrofitness.com

If you’re looking for friendly people, modern equipment, and a very clean facility this is the gym for you! Not overcrowded and smelly like other gyms in the area! A high-end gym without the price! – Tammy Schneider