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Geriatric Academy – Making A Difference [Review]

When you get to a certain age, it’s important to know about the medicine you are taking. Whether you are looking to or are currently taking a range of medications, you should know all the facts to ensure you are making the right choice for the sake of your health. In comes, Geriatric Academy, your one-stop course for all the tools you need to learn about your medical prescriptions.

You never know whether a medication could cause major replications to your own life. With this in mind, the Geriatric Academy has devised a list of US FDA-approved medications used by highly qualified professionals to ensure appropriate use.

This educational-based service aims to stop the rising number of hospital admissions and deaths as a result of poor use of medication. Through the Geriatric Academy, their service has been designed to improve the quality of life for the elderly by keeping them as educated as possible as to the risks and dangers associated with certain medical products.

Founded by Geriatric clinical pharmacist, Kobi Nathan, he has years of experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine and neurocognitive diseases. During his time, he has helped several of his clients with Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, and all forms of dementia. He has many affiliations and networks within the industry, with a team of speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and social workers who can provide clinical assistance for a range of conditions.

Through his many years in the industry, the soaring numbers of medications out on the market can leave a lot of patients feeling confused. What is the best treatment for them? Because pharmacists don’t have the free schedule to teach their customers how to read and translate medication prescriptions and products, patients should look to reliable educational resources online to help.

Another issue noticed among the medical community is the exorbitant amount of information online that provides unreliable advice from professionals that don’t have the list of qualifications or accreditations. That’s why the Geriatric Academy clears up some of the misinformation that comes with perusing medical advice online.

At the Geriatric Academy, we teach not only patients and their caregivers all about their medication but also provide training on how healthcare professionals should provide advice to patients and caregivers. Kobi Nathan hopes to provide lessons to budding healthcare professionals on looking at the whole picture to make sure that every condition is not being left untreated.

The Geriatric Academy offers guides in a range of different formats spanning from an eBook, and eCourse, to online articles. Having a source that provides clear and straightforward medical information can help older adults remain wise on the medication they are taking. As a result, you can guarantee that you will remain the most educated, allowing you to save money not spend money on unnecessary medications, and prevent adverse drug symptoms, and being overly medicated.