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5 Best Escape Games in New York City🥇

Augmented reality escape games are a fairly new phenomenon in the gaming world; however they are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Because of this, it is obvious that many businesses would pop up to fill this demand. This type of technology involves using advanced gaming technology such as mobile phones and virtual reality in order to turn the environment around you into a gaming ground.

The escape games involve finding clues by running around your environment and solving them to proceed in the game.

Sound like fun?

Here are the 5 best escape games in New York City, based on this rating points list.

Top Rated Escape Games in NYC currently available:

1. EscapeGames.NYC

Escape Games NYC

EscapeGames.NYC utilizes the iconic Time’s Square in New York City for their augmented reality escape game. Under the premise of a spy story, this game is exciting and fun and is great for tourism, leisure and corporate team building events. They also offer a remote version of the game due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. ClueChase

These escape rooms are immersive and time-bending.
They have 4 settings and environments available and are guaranteed for you to be immersed and have fun while solving puzzles at the same time. They offer on-site locations or off-site which makes it easily accessible for anyone.

3. BrainXcape

BrainXcape is based in Manhattan and offers incredibly detailed environments for their escape rooms that are sure to immerse you into them fully. The escape rooms have a horror theme to them guaranteed to scare even the biggest horror buffs. This is one of the more unique escape rooms we have ever seen, and is definitely worth a look.

4. Escape Virtuality

Escape Virtuality

Escape Virtuality offers virtual reality escape experiences and games with amazing visuals in a huge range of different settings. This experience really shows you what advanced technology can do for entertainment.

5. Escape Rooms NYC

Escape Rooms NYC

Escape Rooms NYC offers the new way to experience escape rooms.
They use GPS and augmented reality technology in order to create a gaming experience that you won’t forget. You will be able to explore New York City while playing the game and will have a blast.

These are the 5 best escape games available in New York City which will demonstrate the power of augmented reality technology and how much fun it can be. Looking for fun and a way to explore the city?

Look no further than here.