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5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in New Hampshire

In today’s tech era, digital marketing is essential for businesses to grow their audience.

Below is a list of the top and leading Digital Marketing Agencies in New Hampshire. To help you find the best digital marketing agencies located near you in New Hampshire, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list.

The top 5 marketing agencies in New Hampshire

Below are the most reputable marketing agencies:

  1. Totally Clickful Marketing – offering complete & best marketing solutions
  2. HeartBrain Marketing – results oriented digital marketing
  3. Kirk Communications – accelerating marketing strategies
  4. CleverLight Media – focusing on web traffic
  5. Flylight Media – strategies to achieve your goals

Totally Clickful Marketing

Totally Clickful
Totally Clickful. Source: totallyclickful.com

Phone: (603) 546-2812
Website: https://totallyclickful.com

Totally Clickful Marketing is one of the best digital marketing companies in the USA. Owned and operated by MindStir Media LLC, an award-winning company, Totally Clickful is a digital marketing agency that specializes in several core marketing services: SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), social media marketing and web design to generate website traffic, leads and sales. The founder J.J. Hebert is a bestselling author as well an experienced business and marketing expert who has successfully established his business to help others generate sales. Their unique service offerings include free website analysis, dashboard reporting and expert advice from J.J. Hebert himself.

Social media marketing, one of the core services, is used to increase brand awareness and visibility targeting potential customers to capture sales. As part of their social media focus, Totally Clickful writes tailored content and regular posts are scheduled. Social media accounts are checked daily for engagement and a complete report of statistics is provided through the company’s world-class dashboard.

Proper web design is another service offered to ensure the client’s website is desktop and mobile friendly and optimized for search engines. Once the website has been created or revamped, client’s are taught how to easily make any content changes themselves, removing the need to hire a webmaster which significantly reduces overhead costs.

Totally Clickful’s services also extend to SEO, used to help drive organic traffic to the client’s website through search. The company has several national and local SEO plans that they tailor to each specific client.

This naturally also extends to PPC marketing. Campaigns are offered on a variety of platforms such as Google Adwords, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other social platforms. Totally Clickful helps its clients in choosing a targeted, cost-effective platform for PPC ads that will reap the greatest rewards.

The best perk, and one of the greatest differentiators, is the free detailed dashboard that comes with all PPC, SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns. The dashboard reporting tool allows the company to be fully transparent with its clients.

Overall, Totally Clickful Marketing offers many more comprehensive features than the other companies on our list of best digital marketing agencies in NH.

HeartBrain Marketing

HeartBrain Marketing
HeartBrain Marketing. Source: heartbrain.marketing

Phone: (603)-369-3060
Website: https://heartbrain.marketing

Founded in 2016 under the experience of Nancy Deol, HeartBrain Marketing balances marketing data with a clear understanding of the customers. Having more than a decade’s worth of experience, Nancy was motivated to start a new marketing agency that offered quality services with transparency, clear communication and coordination that no longer relied on a pre-paid service model.

As a result, HeartBrain Marketing adapts to the needs and packages of individual clients with different arrangements tailored to their budget and scope of work. Digital invoices are charged only after the work has been delivered, inverting the traditional business model. Any work isn’t reliant on binding contract either with business deals based on mutual agreements.

Kirk Communications

Kirk Communications
Kirk Communications. Source: kirkcommunications.com

Phone: (603)-828-6850
Website: www.kirkcommunications.com

Kirk Communications combines savvy business knowledge with web technology. The team features a series of designers, engineers, marketers and business orientated workers from around the word across a network of global offices. Kirk Communication helps with the design of a website but extends beyond that using a clear strategy of data and analytics to grow your online business presence.

Following the initial strategy and planning, content is developed to target specific user engagement groups. An online reputation management team covers six categories: blog posts, reviewing sites, forums, press releases, competitor sites, and social medial sites ensure your business is on track to meet goals. The primary focus here is to increase exposure and negate undesirable posts.

CleverLight Media


Phone: (603)-685-0111
Website: https://cleverlight.com

In short, CleverLight Media says they “acquire more traffic and convert more leads.” Enquiries begin by scheduling a call with their marketing specialists. Potential clients get to discuss their website and marketing campaigns in detail. CleverLight Media are then able to provide some direction and a solution to work within a budget and meet its clients’ goals to achieve the desired results.

By first understanding where the bulk of your potential customers are coming from, whether that be via social media, SEO, or any of the other marketing options they specialize in, CleverLight Media evaluates its clients’ current position to focus efforts where it yields the greatest returns.

When prospective customers visit a client’s website, CleverLight Media does all it can to transition those visits into customers. This begins by boosting the conversation rates, the number of visitors that contact the business. As these indicators are monitored overtime clients learn which investments provide the most returns versus break even gains or losses on investment. Even then, CleverLight Media tailors their service to continue to engage previous customers.

Flylight Media

Flylight Media
Flylight Media. Source: flylightmedia.com

Phone: (603)-267-0077
Website: https://flylightmedia.com

Flylight Media builds custom websites for a variety of businesses, then develops marketing strategies to help companies achieve their business goals. Flylight Media is operated by a small web design team. They take care of all the important website needs to dramatically simplify its clients’ online presence. They include website hosting for a single monthly hosting fee.

Flylight Media understands that it is important for clients to continue to actively utilize their website, and not just spend money developing a webpage for it to passively sit there. High-quality work takes time and professional expertise. Their services bridge this gap to make professionally designed websites available to all. They also offer a plethora of digital marketing services to clients along with web design services.

For a preview of their professional work, and to see their portfolio, recent website launches are published on their website.