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5 Best Trademark Attorneys in the US🥇

In the United States alone, more than 1200 trademark applications are filed every day. Below is a list of the top trademark attorneys from firms across America.

Our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list.

5 America’s best trademark attorneys:

Below is a list of the top trade mark law firms in the US:

Rank: Attorneys: Prices from: Website:
1 JPG Legal $299 www.jpglegal.com
2 DBL Lawyers $450 www.dbllawyers.com
3 OnlineTrademarkAttorneys.com $399 onlinetrademarkattorneys.com
4 Gerben Law $950 www.gerbenlaw.com
5 Trademark Firm $495 www.thetrademarkfirm.com


1. JPG Legal

trademark attorney
Source: https://jpg.legal

Phone: (917) 268-7054
Website: https://jpglegal.com

JPG Legal is a leading law firm specializing in applications to help businesses and individuals protect and grow their brand. The firm was founded by Jeremy Peter Green, a successful trademark lawyer who has been featured in several major publications including USA Today, CNBC, CNN, NPR’s Morning Edition, WIRED, MSNBC, the New York Daily News, HLN, DCist, Vox.com, CNET, Mic.com, NBC News, Refinery29, the Globe and Mail, and many more.

JPG Legal is definitely one of the cheapest and fastest law firm providing trade mark registrations at $299, see more here: https://jpglegal.com

JPG Law frequently files federal trademarks and is very experienced having centered themselves as a small law firm that swiftly expedites orders for fast service. Jeremy and his team are prolific having worked on 770 new federal trademarks applications just in the last year. Based in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn in New York City, JPG Legal represents client’s nationwide across the United States and throughout the world.

Due to the nature of their operations, JPG Law can get bogged down in litigation. But general turnaround times when filling trademark applications are within two weeks. Applications are very easy and usually no additional documentation is required after completing the firms online form. Even if you live outside the United States and are not a citizen, you can still file you application as a foreign individual or business entity and work with JPG Law.

Usually trademark applications will be filed with an LLC (limited liability company) or other business entity to avoid publishing personal details. This also helps whenever you need to transfer the ownership of the trademark, such as when you sell the business to someone else. Of course, JPG Legal can help you set up a business entity, should you decide to.

Compared to other trademark attorneys, JPG Legal is very cost effective. Firstly, because the firm has very little overhead operation costs. Secondly, trademarking does not take much time. JPG Legal charges clients for their experience and expertise, not for time. Communication is usually handled via emails.

2. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

Phone: (800) 747 9354
Website: www.dbllawyers.com

Dunlap, Bennet & Ludwig (DBL) is a highly experienced law firm, boasting more than 75 attorneys practicing business and litigation law. The firm is home to attorneys who specialize in several areas of intellectual property law, including trademarks and branding, trademarks infringement, and cases that go to the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board (TTAB).
DBL’s experienced trademark litigation attorneys have an impressive depth of expertise, handling hundreds of trademark disputes covering USPTO Actions, TTAB cases, as well as cases in the federal district court. In 2019, the firm was named one of the “Top 100” in intellectual property law by IP Watchdog, and they have no shortage of satisfied clients who can attest to their effectiveness. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has filed more than 9000 trademarks.

With their experience in helping hundreds of clients both register and defend their trademarks, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is intricately familiar with how the system works and what it takes to win a case. With a vast network of overseas associates, DBL is also adept at securing trademarks in international trademark offices and know how to optimize Madrid Protocol applications.

3. OnlineTrademarkAttorneys.com

Online Trademark Attorneys

Phone: (843) 654-0078
Website: https://onlinetrademarkattorneys.com

OnlineTrademarkAttorneys.com is a law firm owned and operated by Sausser Summers, PC. The law firm started as a virtual office in Charleston, South Carolina in 2013. They now have a second virtual office in Santa Barbara, California. The partners of the law firm are Attorney Brent Sausser and Attorney Alex Summers. Both graduated law school at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law, which is consistently ranked in the top ten intellectual property law schools in the United States.

Brent and Alex met in law school and decided to create this law firm to assist individuals and business owners with their intellectual property needs by providing easy access to legal advice and attorney filed trademarks at an affordable flat rate. They are able to keep their rates low and affordable by conducting their practice virtually, and pass that savings on to their clients. As of 2020, they have clients that span across the country, as well as around the world. Brent and Alex are consistently ranked in the top 100 filers in the United States.

4. Gerben Law Firm

Phone: (202) 335-3900
Website: www.gerbenlaw.com

Gerben Law Firm has been assisting clients for more than ten years. During that period, they have successfully registered more than 4,500 trademarks.

The cost is fixed at $950 plus government fees for each trademark registration. This package includes costs for the common law trademark search, consultation time, draft and filing of the trademark application, responding to any non-substantive office actions, and sending registration certificates.

Only one package is offered as comprehensive federal, state and common law searches are conducted in all applications to mitigate the likelihood of any trademark infringement lawsuits. Their experience and thorough search offer greater assurance and peace of mind.

All applications are hand-drafted to ensure accuracy and completeness. This is crucial because, if an application is not completed properly, the United States Patent and Trademark Office may refuse the application, or another party can challenge the validity of the trademark registration as it is a legal document.

5. The Trademark Firm

Trademark firm attorney

Phone: (844) 696-2751
Website: https://thetrademarkfirm.com

The Trademark Firm is a subsidiary of Dawsey Co., L.P.A. intellectual property law. In conjunction with the options above, they also offer online trademark services from all 50 states in the US and international countries around the world for a turnaround flat fee.

Trademark consultation and application filing pricing will cost you a $495 fixed fee with a comprehensive trademark search and free trademark registration. Experienced attorneys evaluate your proposal against statutory requirements to increase the likelihood of approval.

The goal is to eliminate any hidden trademark application fees. Depending on the number of trademarks you wish to file at the one time, a series of discounted package deals are available such as 5 trademark searches for the price of 4 or 10 trademark searches for the price of 7.

For a comprehensive list of their previous track record, Dawsey Co., L.P.A.’s official website has listings of recently approved trademarks.

Other TM Attorneys worth visiting: 

Flat Fee Trademark

Flat Fee Trademark

: 1-800-769-7790
Website: www.flatfeetrademark.com

Flat Free Trademark Attorney as the name suggests, offers professionally licensed trademark services at flat fee pricing. In other words, all the fees and costs are discussed up front before any work commences to avoid hidden costs.

The enterprise began in 2007 by trademark attorneys Keesonga Gore and Serena Minott with the aim to provide professional trademark services at affordable flat fee costs. Their website FlatFeeTrademark.com launched in 2008 and since then, has helped thousands of clients with their simple streamlined service. In doing so, they became one of the first trademark law firms to establish and use a web-based trademark application service.

Flat Free Trademark Attorneys even go above and beyond to offer in-depth complimentary consultation calls. Additionally, all applications are handled in house without any outsourcing.

Both Attorney Gore and Attorney Minott graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC and George Washington University National Law Center respectively. Both institutions are ranked within the top 20 US law schools and they both share years of trademark law experience between them.



Phone: (973) 317 2846
Website: www.mybrandmark.com

MyBrandMark.com is another internet-based service operated by trademark Attorneys in New Jersey. The website is associated with the Law Firm Pesochinsky LLC.

What differentiates My Brand Mark from competitors is its state bar certification in addition to required bar certification. Meaning they are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Free estimates for trademark applications are offered so charges are tailored to you. Keep in mind that these estimates cover fee-based services and does not include and government or third-party fees that may be applicable.

Because no guarantees can be made by My Brand Mark on behalf of USPTO, there are not any trademark approval guarantees. However, satisfaction guarantees are given to every customer to ensure each case is presented in the best possible way to increase chances of achieving success.

As with the other options listed here, legal advice is charged at a fraction of the cost of other firms and practitioners. For more details, an over the phone consultation can easily be organized on their website.