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5 Best Reasons Why 3D Aircraft Collectible Cards Make Great Gifts for Aviation Lovers

Christmas holidays are around the corner and soon we will notice twinkling lights on the streets and beautifully decorated homes, while our hearts will be filled with warmth thinking about the people that mean the most to us.

Then again, the multiple errands will overstretch us, and we will experience the stress of selecting the gift for that special person who, as luck would have it, is an aviation fan.

It’s true that a box of chocolate will never fail, but if we truly want him to know we care, then something that compliments his personality will resonate deeply.

If he likes basketball a jersey of his team will do, if she is into the arts, tickets to a gallery will be well received. But when aviation is his thing, we know it is not practical to give him an aircraft, right?

Not to worry. The best next thing after an aircraft are these new, innovative, and fun 3D aircraft collectible cards with augmented reality.

If you’re contemplating what gift will wow your loved one, here are five reasons to consider them:

1. The 3D Card contains a virtual aircraft model that he can add to his collection.

There are various ways that aviation enthusiasts collect airplanes. They may have an aviation themed t-shirt, a poster with their favorite fighter, or a plastic model on a shelf.

When he opens the 3D card, a famous WW II fighter emerges high above a historical landscape engaging the enemy. Pointing at the card with his smartphone and the fighter now appears on the screen flying, with a pilot at the controls scanning the horizon. He can fire the guns, turn the aircraft in any direction, and even zoom in for a closer look! He will be amazed.

3D card aircraft - WW II fighter emerges

2. The card is for aviation lovers of any age.

While outsiders may think that kids are the ones that would enjoy these cards the most, you would be surprised to know that hard-core enthusiasts love them. Aside from the obvious advantages of shareability and storability, which allows users to share them with friends or store them at will, they include a wealth of hard-to-find technical data that describes the actual performance of the aircraft, so they don’t have to hunt for their books to find the information.

Almost every aviation aficionado worth its salt will compare his favorite fighter with others. A scorecard is included providing a grade that answers the question which fighter was the best and why. This will give him the tools to best his friends in any debate!

3. The card is forever, and you will be remembered for a lifetime.

A gift like this is so unique, fun, and useful that those who receive it will cherish it for a lifetime. Furthermore, its wow factor is so powerful they will always remember the moment when you handed them the card and told them to open it and check out the virtual airplane. They will recall their smile asking you: where did you get this? This is cool!

Besides, you can write a touching note to your loved one in the insert that is kept inside a pouch in the card so it will never get lost.

 3D Aircraft Collectible Cards Make Great Gifts for Aviation Lovers

4. The card brings back fond memories.

Aviation enthusiasts recognize these classic warbirds, their stories, the deeds of some of their famous pilots, and this will transport them to the time when they built models, read books, played games, and discussed aviation with their friends.

Because these stories laud human values like courage, sacrifice, honor, resilience, and triumph against adversity, your loved one will recognize why he is drawn to aviation so much: it reminds him he has the strength to carry on.

5. The card delivers great value at a surprisingly inexpensive price.

The quality of these handmade cards is not only superb, but their wow factor is unmatched. They combine the technology of augmented reality with the tactical pleasure of owning a physical object that can be displayed and shared. And all of this at a price that is lower than a book.

A final word…

There are many compelling reasons to consider giving a 3D aircraft collectible card to your aviation enthusiast. Whether you want to be remembered every time they look at the card, or to make them realize that you appreciate them more than they though, or help them realize you value their inner strength, or simply to wow them and make them smile, you should definitely give them a try!

No matter what your goal is, you simply cannot go wrong. Just be sure to include a heartfelt message to make the gift even more meaningful.

If you want to know more about these innovative cards, check cyboardz.com.

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