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5 Best Demolition Builders in Long Beach, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Demolition Builders in Long Beach. To help you find the best Demolition Builders located near you in Long Beach, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Long Beach’s Best Demolition Builders:

The top rated Demolition Builders in Long Beach, CA are:

  • BC Hauling and Demolition Inc – is a business that is run and owned by a family
  • American Industrial Services – is the premier waste and construction site in California
  • Unlimited Environmental, Inc. – offers demolition services, asbestos, mold removal
  • Have Junk Removal & Demolition – provides services for demolition services
  • Long Beach Demolition & Junk Hauling Service – assists you to make trash removal simpler

BC Hauling and Demolition IncDemolition Builders in Long Beach

BC Hauling and Demolition Inc is a business that is run and owned by a family. There are over 35 years in Orange County, and we have the reviews to prove it. In an effort to save the environment, BC Hauling & Demolition recycles more than 80% of the materials they collect. They also cooperate with other recycling businesses, which helps them keep tons of materials out of regional landfills.

Both commercial businesses and residential property owners can benefit from BC Hauling and Demolition’s high-quality rubbish removal services. They offer a wide range of rubbish removal services. Leave the loading, disposal, and cleanup to them. They offer demolition and rubbish removal for both commercial and residential clients. It doesn’t matter if there is just one tiny item or several loads of trash. They have everything they need to eliminate anything.


Demolition Services, Debris Removal Service


Phone: 949-365-6397
Website: www.bchauling.com


“Great experience working with these guys. They worked very fast and effectively with my kitchen and bathroom demo project. Would definitely work with them again for any future demo projects. Professional work and very reasonable rates.” – Adrian V.

American Industrial Services

American Industrial Services is the premier waste and construction site in Long Beach, California. Their facility enables customers to quickly and easily dispose of their construction and debris waste. You may be confident that your construction and debris projects will be affordable and hassle-free with the help of knowledgeable employees and diversion programs. They ensure that their clients remain compliant with their projects while also maintaining compliance with their local ordinances.

A variety of eco-friendly garbage and recycling services are offered by American Industrial Services. No of the size or sector, they may create a special garbage program that satisfies your disposal requirements while yet being environmentally responsible. Particularly when it comes to hauling service, American Industrial Services is dedicated to completing the task.


Demolition Contractor, Debris removal, Industrial demolition, Debris Dump, Hauling Service, Industrial Services, Recycling Services


Address5626 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805
Phone: 562-272-8060
Website: www.aisdisposal.com


“Recently moved from Boston to Long Beach. DMV required a certificate of weight for my Tacoma to finalize vehicle registration. These guys were helpful and speedy. Was able to get my truck weighed during my lunch break. Would recommend to a friend.”

Unlimited Environmental, Inc.Demolition Builders Long Beach

Unlimited Environmental, Inc. is a contracting business situated in Southern California that offers demolition services, asbestos, lead, mold removal, and more, for a wide range of customers. Since the whole UEI administration is based in one place, swift and efficient communication is possible between the company’s estimating, accounting, warehouse, and workforce divisions.

They are able to respond quickly to any inquiries their clients may have for one or more of their company’s administrative branches thanks to this concentration of decision-makers. as a business that gets the majority of its clients through recommendations. They work hard to leave a positive impression on their clientele by being extremely professional, safe, dependable, and honest.


Demolition Services, Lead Abatement, Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation


Address: 2300 E Curry St B, Long Beach, CA 90805
Phone: 562-981-6600
Website: www.ueiteam.com


“Specialists in asbestos removal and demolition, equipment rental. I met Gustavo, dispatch, and complimented them on their work.” – Sam G.

Have Junk Removal & DemolitionGood Demolition Builders in Long Beach

Have Junk Removal & Demolition provides services for concrete removal, junk removal, and demolition services. You won’t ever need to be concerned about unexpected fees or hidden costs because their pricing is always straightforward and transparent. They offer a simple online booking process with upfront affordable costs. This gives you the chance to own and own a robust 2-yard dumpster, providing you with total control over waste disposal.

You may now engage their garbage removal service to dispose of the waste from your dumpster since you own it, saving you money on yearly trash dumping expenses. Their commercial trash pickup service includes more than just a dumpster. They provide additional services, like demolition and rubbish disposal, for a discounted rate upfront.


Demolition Services, Debris Removal Services


Address: 3553 Atlantic Ave #1269, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: 833-428-5865
Website: www.havejunkremoval.com


“Recently used these guys for a demolition job on my apartment complex. The crew was professional friendly and quick to get the job done. We’re trying to resell the property so time is of the essence. These guys were great with our timeline. Would highly recommend it. Will definitely use it again!”

Long Beach Demolition & Junk Hauling ServiceOne of the best Demolition Builders in Long Beach

Long Beach Demolition & Junk Hauling Service assists you to make trash removal simpler. All you have to do is note the presence of clutter and undesired items around. Their specialists will quickly arrive with their trucks and equipment to efficiently remove the clutter. They guarantee ethical trash management.

Their environmentally responsible approach ensures that as much of your trash as possible is recycled or donated. A government-approved landfill is used to appropriately dispose of the residual garbage. It’s important to regularly remove trash if you want to maintain your surroundings clean and attractive.


Demolition Services, Construction Waste Removal, Junk Removal, Garbage Removal, Business Closeout Removal, Foreclosure Cleanup, Garage Junk Removal, Appliance Removal, Yard Junk Cleanup


Address: 5274 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone: 562-725-3069
Website: www.alljunkremovalca.com


“Long Beach Demolition & Junk Hauling Service did a great job. They were on time and easy to schedule. The tech and his team worked swiftly and had my whole apartment cleaned out in around 30 minutes. Totally worth it.” – Darrin R.