5 Best Conveyancers in Wichita, KS

Best Conveyancers in Wichita

Below is a list of the top and leading Conveyancers in Wichita. To help you find the best Conveyancers located near you in Wichita, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Wichita’s Best Conveyancers:

The top rated Conveyancers in Wichita, KS are:

  • Weber Law Office, P.A. – handles a variety of real estate concerns
  • Gibson Watson Marino LLC – provides professional services on a wide range of legal issues related to real estate
  • Depew Rathbun & Gillen McInteer, LC – has extensive experience in the purchase and ownership of real estate properties
  • Law Office of Cathleen A. Gulledge – focuses on estate planning, probate, trust law, and wills and real estate law
  • Hinkle Law Firm LLC – has been recognized as a “Best Law Firm” in real estate law since 2010

Weber Law Office, P.A.Conveyancers in Wichita

Weber Law Office, P.A. represents people, families, and corporations in a wide range of real estate matters in south-central Kansas. They will help you through the whole process and ensure your rights are protected, from preparing and negotiating basic buy and sale agreements to contesting foreclosures.

They are committed to assisting clients through the legal system while respecting their beliefs and opinions in every case they handle. With over 35 years of real estate law expertise, they understand how to handle all real estate matters, from foreclosures to contract disputes, swiftly and effectively without jeopardizing their clients’ or their firm’s beliefs.


Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Contracts, Traffic & Expungement, Divorce & Child Support Adoption


Address: 727 N Waco Ave Ste 585, Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 265-7802
Website: www.weberlawoffice.com


“April Harrington was my legal assistant. From the minute I spoke to her first on the phone about my case till the completion of all formalities, she was professional and made me feel important. I commend her dedication to her clients. To top it all, she’s super friendly too. Would definitely recommend her for legal services.” – Manu K.

Gibson Watson Marino LLCTop Conveyancers in Wichita

Gibson Watson Marino LLC represents developers, owners, financial institutions, and other clients on a wide variety of real estate-related legal challenges. Gibson Watson Marino LLC was formed on the values of client loyalty and the relentless pursuit of service excellence.

For decades, these attorneys have assisted families and businesses in the community in resolving legal issues. They hold themselves to a high degree of professionalism and take pleasure in their capacity to properly grasp clients’ demands. When individuals come for legal advice, they completely commit to providing them with high-quality, cost-effective service.


Real Estate, Administrative Law, Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Business Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Construction Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Health Care Law, Mediation, Municipal Law, Personal Injury Defense


Address: 301 N Main St #1300, Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 264-7321
Website: www.gibsonwatsonlaw.com


“Sarah Newell is the most compassionate, caring, and dedicated attorney in town. She really listens to her clients and makes them feel important and understood. I have unfortunately been in and out of family law court for almost 15 years now and after hiring Sarah it has been a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for an attorney to fight for you and to actually care about you and your children, please consider hiring Sarah Newell. I can not put into words how amazing this lady is! Very thankful for her.” – Jenna D.

Depew Rathbun & Gillen McInteer, LCConveyancers Wichita

Depew Rathbun & Gillen McInteer, LC has significant experience in commercial and residential real estate acquisition, sale, ownership, and development, as well as representing regional and local contractors, suppliers, architects, and engineers in operational affairs.

Finance, zoning, construction rules, land usage compliance, tax structures, and environmental control and conditions are all required for this representation. The firm deliberately keeps its size modest in order to focus on personal service and strong connections. Within the confines of the legal system, they fiercely represent clients in an ethical and cost-effective manner.


Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Estate & Trust Planning, Mediation & Arbitration, Real Estate & Building


Address: 8301 E 21st St N # 450, Wichita, KS 67206
Phone: (316) 262-4000
Website: www.depewgillen.com


“I like the fact that they’re willing to work out a payment plan with you and don’t pressure you to pay them in a certain amount of time.” – Chelsea J.

Law Office of Cathleen A. GulledgeGood Conveyancers in Wichita

Law Office of Cathleen A. Gulledge specializes in estate planning, probate, trust law, wills, and real estate law. They may negotiate and draft real estate contracts for the sale or acquisition of residential, industrial, or commercial property. In every real estate transaction, there are a number of conditions to consider, including appraisals, disclosure statements, financing arrangements, title reports, title searches, and title document reviews. Buyer beware applies more than ever in today’s environment.

Most buyers make the mistake of assuming that all title-related concerns, including easements, right-of-way, driveway limitations, land use restrictions, utility paperwork, and other unknown documents, are covered by title insurance or title commitment reports. A real estate attorney should perform a thorough study of the title report and accompanying paperwork to allow the purchaser to object to any condition or document that may impair the planned use of the property.


Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship Conservator, Business Law, Elder Law, Trust, Taxes, Adoption Law, Mediation


Address: 1003, 310 W Central Ave STE 108, Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 265-2227
Website: www.estateplan4u.com


“Cathleen helped my Mom with her will way back in 2010, after my mom passed I had no idea what to do. So even though it is 11 years later she still made time to see me and guide me in the right direction at no cost to me.” – Tee J.

Hinkle Law Firm LLCOne of the best Conveyancers in Wichita

Hinkle Law Firm LLC has been named a “Best Law Firm” in real estate law since 2010. Real estate clients want quick and efficient service in order to capitalize on an ever-changing and expanding market. Hinkle Law Firm LLC’s real estate attorneys comprehend such requirements. They’ve had the pleasure of developing relationships with clients that have become a vital part of their success throughout the years.

They deal with individuals, investors, developers, financing institutions, and governmental agencies throughout the United States to meet all of their real estate needs. Their experience ranges from the construction, acquisition, and sale of hotels, shopping complexes, and office buildings to the purchase or sale of a holiday resort or property.


Real Estate & Oil and Gas, Adoption & Surrogacy, Litigation, Tax, Estate Planning, Healthcare, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Business, Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights, Crisis Management, Civil Rights Defense of Governmental Entities


Address: 1617 N. Waterfront Pkwy #400, Wichita, KS 67206
Phone: (316) 267-2000
Website: www.hinklaw.com


“Mark Maloney was fantastic. Helped me out rapidly. We were successful and he made me feel confident for the entire case. Couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks, Mark.” – Trevor P.