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5 Best Barristers in Long Beach, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Barristers in Long Beach. To help you find the best Barristers located near you in Long Beach, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Long Beach’s Best Barristers : 

The top-rated Barristers in Long Beach, CA are:

  • Nguyen Lawyers – provides valuable legal assistance for all injured clients and their families
  • Shouse Law Group – works hard to guarantee a fair fight for its client’s rights
  • Beatty & Myers, LLP – specializes in civil litigation defense services
  • Long Beach Law Inc. A.P.L.C. – serves clients with state-of-the-art legal intervention
  • Keesal Young & Logan – takes barrister and litigation services to the next level

Nguyen Lawyers

recommended Barristers in Long Beach, CANguyen Lawyers provides valuable legal assistance for all injured clients and their families. The firm represents plaintiffs in serious to catastrophic personal injury cases. Furthermore, they are ready to fight for their client’s medical care to help them focus on their recovery. Their services are also fully customized to fit the needs and claims of their clients. In addition, they have the resources to handle even the most complex cases.

They provide a full range of barrister and litigation services. Their practice areas include personal injury, settlement claims, and worker’s compensation. Moreover, they also handle automotive cases and DUI cases.

Products/ Services:

barrister, legal counsel


Address: 3777 Long Beach Boulevard Third Floor, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: (562) 283-5415
Website: nguyenlawyers.com


”I give 5 stars to Minh and his firm are exceptional in their representation. Referred to me after another attorney sat on my case for more than one year, Minh and his firm are professional, compassionate, always update email or call me to follow up with me day or night.” – Michael Tran

Shouse Law Group

professional Barristers in Long Beach, CA

Shouse Law Group works hard to guarantee a fair fight for its client’s rights. They are highly responsible and reliable in handling any case with ease. In addition, the team is home to certified and experienced legal attorneys and barristers. They guarantee a fully guided legal service from start to finish. Furthermore, they also try to prevent clients from having their licenses suspended.

They fight for a variety of personal injury and business cases. Moreover, these include criminal record expungement, domestic violence, and drug charges. They also handle DUI and credit card fraud cases.

Products/ Services:

barrister, lawyers


Address: 1 World Trade Center #822, Long Beach, CA 90831
Phone: (562) 633-8155
Website: shouselaw.com


”I faced a misdemeanor charge a few years ago. Jenn Bartick took on my case. She was responsive, friendly, and professional. I know attorneys have to balance a ton of clients at once, but she was on top of things.” – Luis Castaneda

Beatty & Myers, LLP
experienced Barristers in Long Beach, CA

Beatty & Myers, LLP specializes in civil litigation defense services. The firm was founded by experienced attorneys recognized for providing quality and cost-efficient representation. In addition, they have provided legal services for over 40 years and counting. They have been a hallmark for legal practice areas over the years. Moreover, they provide representation with an emphasis on achieving a timely, cost-efficient, and satisfactory resolution of each case.

They provide a full range of reliable legal practice areas. Furthermore, they handle cases about automotive accidents, personal injury, and consumer protection. They also handle premises liability cases.

Products/ Services:

legal representation, barrister


Address: 444 W Ocean Blvd #900, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 606-1530
Website: beattymyers.com


“When I was in need of a good business Lawyer I found Maija Olivia at Beatty & Myers. Very professional, upfront and a vast knowledge other law firms did not have. I am so glad I found a Lawyer that gave me 100%. I highly recommend them to any business.” – Mike Phillips

Long Beach Law Inc. A.P.L.C.

skilled Barristers in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Law Inc. A.P.L.C. serves clients with state-of-the-art legal intervention. Their team dedicates focused and strategic planning to all their clients and national organizations. They guarantee that their help can assist clients to reach their goals. In addition, they have committed and experienced attorneys working for all their valued clients. Moreover, they have over 2 decades of experience in the field of law.

They offer a wide range of specialized legal practice areas. These include criminal law, family law, and civil law. Furthermore, they also handle estate planning and probate law cases.

Products/ Services:

case litigation, barrister


Address: 782 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813
Phone: (562) 621-6300
Website: longbeachlaw.com


”Reba, the Estate Planning Attorney, completed my Trust and Will. The process, which seemed overwhelming, was actually quite streamlined. She answered all my questions. Reba also took the time to educate me on what I didn’t know. She looked at my unique situation and made the best recommendations. Thank you Reba .” – Stephanie Anderson

Keesal Young & Logan

trusted Barristers in Long Beach, CAKeesal Young & Logan takes barrister and litigation services to the next level. The team approaches every case with decency and professionalism to provide quality legal intervention. With nearly 5 decades of experience, they have an impressive reputation for service. Moreover, they provide varied legal solutions based on their client’s needs. In addition, they work on a collaborative spectrum that places their client’s needs as their top priority.

The firm specializes in a broad variety of practice areas. Furthermore, these include civil litigation, mediation, and relationship consultation. They also handle business and estate litigation needs.

Products/ Services:



Address: 400 Oceangate # 1400, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 436-2000
Website: kyl.com


”I was amazed that Keesa and her family would own a law firm so I forwarded this information to the authorities just in case it was fraudulent! Wow!” – Keesa Espley