5 Best Web Hosting in Houston 🥇

5 Best Web Hosting in Houston

Below is a list of the top and leading Web Hosting in Houston. To help you find the best Web Hosting located near you in Houston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Houston’s Best Web Hosting:

The top rated Web Hosting in Houston are:

  • Avatar Desk – builds various solutions for online marketing and innovations
  • All Day Web Design and Hosting – offers a wide range of online services for individuals and businesses
  • Hyperlinks Media – delivers services for the rapid growth of the business economics and dynamics
  • WebWize – Houston’s oldest full-service website design and hosting company
  • LaPraim Digital Agency – offers the creation and development of the digital presence of brands they handle

Avatar Desk

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Avatar Desk builds various solutions for online marketing and innovations. Their team composes of experts in their fields. They offer free website and Google ads audits for assessment. There are also free consultations to find the service best fitting for their needs. Furthermore, their services include web design and development and e-commerce solutions. They create websites for digital marketing and e-commerce. Their branding creates a stage for the brands they handle. They also have the latest tools to step up the business’s games. Their training and consultation teach their clients om how to do the services they offer.


web hosting, web development, branding


Address: 2800 Post Oak Blvd Suite 4100, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (855)-928-2827
Website: avatardesk.com


“Avatardesk is handling our website and our online marketing. We are very pleased with the quality of their work. They are thorough and quick to make the changes we need. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great service at a great price.” – Ehab Arafat

All Day Web Design and Hosting

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All Day Web Design and Hosting offers a wide range of online services for individuals and businesses. Their services include web design, web hosting, and search engine optimization. Their web hosting plans include a free SSL. They also add powerful tools to make the website more effective. Their local maps help the business to be visible online. Furthermore, their web designs fuse practicality and design in one. They uniquely build websites that attract the targeted audience. The sites they create are also responsive in any medium it is used. They professionally brand the business with their innovative layouts. The team also provides management and support to their website.


web hosting, web design


Address: 6306 Skyview Dr, Houston, TX 77041
Phone: (713)-515-9901
Website: alldayweb.com


“Ms. Debbie is a beast. She did a customized website for me and exceeded all expectations I had.” – Michael Hill

Hyperlinks Media

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Hyperlinks Media delivers services for the rapid growth of the business economics and dynamics. They provide marketing ideas that solve various problems. Furthermore, they create valuable clicks that make the brand known. Their strategies provide audiences to know and buy the brand. Moreover, they also trigger interactions and delivers continuous growth to the company. Their digital solutions lead to the development of the industries. Included in their services are data and analysis, content analysis, and digital solutions. They also handle SEO, SEM, and remarketing. Campaigns and websites are built with innovative and creative ideas.


digital marketing, web hosting


Address: 16225 Park Ten Pl #600, Houston, TX 77084
Phone: (281)-693-5372
Website: hyperlinksmedia.com


“Hyperlinks Media has been a great company to work with. They were able to take our broad stroke ideas and visions of a website and improve on them greatly, thus creating a site that far exceeded our expectations. Additionally, we utilized their services for the designing and printing of our business cards. The cards came out perfect, with a quick turnaround time. I will continue to highly recommend them.” – Jason Croley


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WebWize is Houston’s oldest full-service website design and hosting company. They deliver a wide range of services for marketing and online purposes. Furthermore, they have served the area for more than 26 years. Their experiences helped them in gaining strategies for their services. Moreover, their services include website design, web hosting, and technical search engine optimization. Their hosting services deliver stable and secure hosting to various clients. They also cover WordPress development and the latest builds for their website designs. In addition, they have a photo and video productions handled by experts.


web hosting, website design, SEO, production


Address: 1006 W 42nd St, Houston, TX 77018
Phone:  (713)-416-7111
Website: webwize.com


“I have worked with a few website companies the past for my business and have had the best service through Glenn at Webwize. As I have now worked with Glenn for a few years now and I am very happy with his service! I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and has great customer service!” – John Mixon

LaPraim Digital Agency 

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LaPraim Digital Agency offers the creation and development of the digital presence of brands they handle. This drives the publicity and interaction of the business to increase. They offer excellent and practical craftsmanship. Their services also create an impact on the market growth of the company. The team consists of experts and professionals with high success rates. They also provide full attention to their clients during planning. Moreover, their services include web design, voice assistant applications, and digital marketing. They have applications that focus on performance.


web hosting, digital marketing


Address: 3420 Rusk St #1a, Houston, TX 77003
Phone:  (888)-570-5731
Website: lapraim.com


“LaPraim’s team has been great! They are quick to respond and came up with a great new design for my website. I’m really happy with the look and function of our new website and look forward to working with them on updates in the future. Their web portal for issues and updates is a great way to communicate with them and get issues resolved. Highly recommend!” – Jeff Anderson