5 Best Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY

5 Best Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY

Below is a list of the top and leading Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY. To help you find the best Used Car Dealers located near you in Louisville, KY, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Louisville, KY’s Best Used Car Dealers:

The top-rated Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY are:

  • Oxmoor Auto Group – find your vehicle, buy online.
  • DriveTime Used Cars – Louisville, KY used car dealership & financing.
  • 4th Street Auto – cars for every budget at 4th Street.
  • United Auto Sales and Service – superior vehicles, affordable prices.
  • Greg Coats Cars and Trucks – premium used cars in Louisville, KY.

Oxmoor Auto Group

5 Best Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY

Oxmoor Auto Group is a used car dealership that takes pride in selecting vehicles that are not just in great condition but will have the longevity to make sure customers are safe while driving them. This car dealership has an impressive catalog of used and pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models from the top car manufactures. Oxmoor Auto Group is unique because of the services they provide that can be considered perks. One such perk is that they can bring a vehicle to your home so you can test-drive it in your area. Another perk is that vehicles that you buy can be delivered straight to your home. Customer service is top priority, and Oxmoor Auto Group has been on top widely because of this.

New, used, express store, service center, order parts, collision center

Address: 8001 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: (502) 426-2726
Website: oxmoorautogroup.com

They have great folks who work there and everyone we dealt with was EXTREMELY nice and helpful! As well as knowledgeable! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend! – Michael McDowell

DriveTime Used Cars

The Best Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY

DriveTime Used Cars provides services so that the task of buying a car won’t be as hard as other dealerships make it out to be. This used car dealership in Louisville provides a large catalog of vehicles that are hand-picked and are all in terrific condition. DriveTime Used Cars in Louisville allows you to browse their collection of used vehicles online, take it out for a test drive, and also has financing options available. Their staff are wonderful and will make sure that they assist you every step of the process. If you are in Louisville and are looking for a pre-owned car that is in great condition, DriveTime Used Cars should be on your priority list.

Used cars, pre-owned vehicles, dealership

Address: 7561 Dixie Hwy Louisville, KY 40258
Phone: (502) 822-7710
Website: drivetime.com

Love drive time. I’m a 2-time returning customer. They make buying a car so easy and simple. In and out in less than an hour. The cars I’ve bought are quality cars. Very happy customer! – Teresa Ramey

4th Street Auto

Best Used Car Dealers in Louisville, KY

4th Street Auto is a used car dealership in Louisville that has been servicing the city for almost 70 years. This used car dealership has been consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 4th Street Auto has an impressive catalog of used vehicles with a wide range of makes and models from top car manufacturers. They are also known to be efficient when it comes to financing, only taking around 15 minutes for most customers. Their staff is also very friendly and helpful and will assist you with all of your needs. If you are in Louisville and are looking for a used car to buy, 4th Street Auto is an excellent choice.

Used cars, pre-owned vehicles, financing

Address: 5109 Preston Highway Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502) 968-6101
Website: 4thstreetauto.com

Shop with Tom! He’s so kind and patient. I have purchased and paid off two cars with them and currently seeking another one (need more room) they work with and give you the best deals. I have never had an issue with my car. – Teandrea Deshields

United Auto Sales and Service

Louisville, KY Best Used Car Dealers

United Auto Sales and Service lives by three principles which are trust, integrity, and respect. This car dealership prides itself in being able to put forward these values even to this day and age where they are considered as one of the go-to used car dealerships in Louisville. United Auto Sales and Service also boasts a large collection of used cars and vehicles from all top brands. Their customer service is top-notch, with their staff more than happy to assist you with all of your needs. You will get the best prices with their vehicles, which by the way, are in excellent condition. Need a new car but don’t have the budget to get a brand new one? Drop by United Auto Sales and Service today to find the latest deals.

Used and pre-owned vehicles, specials, financing

Address: 5501 Fern Valley Rd. Louisville, KY 40228
Phone: (502) 235-5982
Website: unitedautomobilesales.com

Very nice people and very helpful my car had some problems but they fix it with no extra fees great place. – Elwin Gutierrez

Greg Coats Cars and Trucks

Louisville, KY's Best Car Dealers

Greg Coats Cars and Trucks has almost 60 years in the car industry in Louisville and is recognized as one of the premier car dealerships in the area. This used car dealership has a dedicated team that specializes in listening to your needs and satisfying them. Greg Coats Cars & Trucks’ team will make sure all your needs are met and exceeded. They have the experience and knowledge to effectively assist you with whatever you need. Their financing is also one of the best in the area, not minding your credit score and still able to help you on your budget. If you want a trusted and reliable car dealership, Greg Coats Cars & Trucks should be on the top of your list.

Used and pre-owned vehicles, service center

Address: 5204 Preston Hwy, Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502) 317-0397
Website: gregcoatscars.com

Awesome dealership!! Everyone is super friendly. Pat and Joe got our deal done quickly and easily with no issues!! These sell very nice cars at a fair price!! Even got a free 3-month 3,000-mile warranty for peace of mind. Thanks to the Coats family too. Stand up, family! – Rich Snyder