5 Best Tutors in Charlotte, NC

5 Best Tutors in Charlotte, NC

Below is a list of the top and leading Tutors in Charlotte, NC. To help you find the best Tutors located near you in Charlotte, NC, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte, NC’s Best Tutors:

The top-rated Tutors in Charlotte, NC are:

  • Varsity Tutors – achieve any goal with live online classes, personalized 1-on-1 online tutoring.
  • Tutor Doctor South Charlotte – one-to-one, personalized tutoring.
  • Swan Learning Center – offers tutoring in reading, math, writing, SAT, and academic coaching to all students.
  • Sylvan Learning of Charlotte – choosing Sylvan is about getting results and setting your child up for long-term success.
  • Huntington Learning Center – in-person and online tutoring services in Charlotte, NC.

Varsity Tutors

5 Best Tutors in Charlotte, NC

Varsity Tutors is a learning and tutoring service provider in Charlotte that helps students with comprehensive instructional services that will help them succeed in their goals. This educational platform has helped students access over two million hours of education and instruction and helped them achieve their goals. Varsity Tutors of Charlotte has a roster of tutors, experts, and teachers that will help a student with their studies or help them prepare for any exams. These tutors are highly qualified and experienced and have all the knowledge needed to help each student reach their potential. If you or your child are in need of a competent and reliable tutor, Varsity Tutors of Charlotte is one ring or message away.

Tutoring, test prep, certifications, camps, self-study

Address: Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: (704) 350-2687
Website: varsitytutors.com

My 5-year-old son absolutely loved the dinosaur class; we look forward to trying out more classes in the future! – Jamie Irvin

Tutor Doctor South Charlotte

The Best Tutors in Charlotte, NC

Tutor Doctor South Charlotte provides excellent private and online tutoring for parents and students who want to up their performance. This tutor service provider offers an amazing experience for the student through a comprehensive tutoring system that is not only effective but flexible in terms of scheduling. Tutor Doctor of South Charlotte caters their services to the students and creates a unique and individualized program for each student because they know that the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to education does not really work. Each student is unique, and aptitude is subject to the student, this is why their tutors are adept in coming up with fun and effective programs for their students to make sure they improve in their studies and have fun at the same time.

Grade school and middle school tutoring, university and college tutoring, adult tutoring, home-school tutoring, online tutoring, high school tutoring

Address: 1600 Windy Ridge Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270-1107
Phone: (704) 848-5143
Website: tutordoctor.com

We have been so pleased with Tutor Doctor. They have been diligent in matching the perfect tutor for my daughters. The best part…the tutor comes to our house!!! I highly recommend this service! – Stacy Young

Swan Learning Center

Best Tutors in Charlotte, NC

Swan Learning Center is ideally located minutes away from uptown Charlotte in Cotswold and provides a variety of tutoring services for a wide range of students. This learning center and tutor provider offers a wide range of tutoring services that will help each student improve on their studies. Swan Learning Center offers SAT preparation, private tutoring, summer camps, maths, writing, and other specialized programs that will help your child become better in the classroom. Their knowledgeable staff are well equipped and have the needed knowledge and experience to make sure each student gets ahead of the game. They are dedicated and passionate and will make sure that your child not only improves in their academics but become confident as well.

Academic coaching, Gesell assessment, math, Orton-Gillingham, study skills for all levels, SAT preparation, summer camps, writing

Address: 427 Sharon Amity Road, Suite A Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: (704) 442-1718
Website: swanlearningcenter.com

I’ve worked with Jenny over the past couple of years and spoken with a few of the students who have attended The Swan Learning Center, and it truly appears students are learning and having fun at the same time… which is great! – Joe Restivo

Sylvan Learning of Charlotte

Charlotte, NC Best Tutors

Sylvan Learning of Charlotte offers the best academic support for your child outside the classroom. With proper guidance and the right support, your child can do anything, and this is where Sylvan comes in. Sylvan Learning of Charlotte will help your child thrive with their unique and personalized attention. The student will also learn from expert tutors that are more than qualified to help them improve inside and outside the classroom. This, and other factors such as providing a safe and secure learning environment are what sets Sylvan apart from other learning centers. They make a direct improvement for the student both inside and outside the classroom.

Personalized tutoring, academic coaching, advancement and test prep, STEM

Address: 8310 Medical Plaza Dr. Ste F Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone: (704) 837-4624
Website: sylvanlearning.com

Excellent place!!! They care and are in this with you and your child. Jessica Johnson has made this process easier to follow and has explained everything clearly. I totally recommend this place! – Keren Calderon

Huntington Learning Center

Charlotte, NC's Best Tutors

Huntington Learning Center is a learning center known for its adaptability and flexibility when it comes to helping students achieve their academic goals. This learning center offers a variety of programs that will cater to each student. Huntington Learning Center in Charlotte offers services to help students with their SAT and other standardized test preparation, tutoring for K 12 students, and private one-on-one tutoring. Their tutors and teachers are highly capable and are considered some of the best educators in the Carolinas. They are passionate, determined, and empathetic toward each student they work with and have their future both in school and beyond in mind.

Tutoring for K 12, test prep, online tutoring, webinar series

Address: 8320 Pineville-Matthews Rd., Suite 605 Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: (704) 522-7595
Website: huntingtonhelps.com

The staff and tutors are dedicated to helping the student’s needs. My daughter’s approach towards tutoring is not a “hum drum” experience. She understands what she needs to do and her tutor develops the knowledge and confidence to achieve her goals. – Traci Morse