Tom Helmy outlines why ConsultTogether is different and the marketing power of Twitter

Tom Helmy
Tom Helmy

ConsultTogether is the result of Tom Helmy’s hard work, dedication and hardship. Having gone through a traumatic break-up, Tom knew he had to channel his emotions and concentration into something that really mattered. That’s how ConsultTogether was born! Based in Orange County, California, ConsultTogether has grown quite exponentially in its infancy stage, helping its clients with social media marketing, SEO and other aspects of web design.

Tom was able to answer several questions we had about his business, with a focus on how his business uses Twitter!

How important was the break-up to forming your business’ core values and ethics?

While it might sound cliché, the breakup affected my life and changed me. We eventually broke up after I confronted her about seeing someone else (which she was). Even though I was in a lot of emotional pain and was struggling with the breakup immensely, I knew deep-down I had to move on. I needed a new venture or hobby to keep me motivated and focused.

As a result, ConsultTogether is a product of my views on honesty and transparency. Regardless of whether the relationship is professional, personal or romantic, openness is crucial in order to build trust. You can’t have success without trust and honest dialogue. As a result, our work at ConsultTogether is framed about business relationships that are open, honest and clear.

In your opinion, how important is Twitter to social media marketing?

As the world (and more importantly the customer), has shifted to more online buying channels, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming more central to the development of digital marketing campaigns.

Twitter is a very effective medium for both promotional and research purposes. Our team can help you get started on Twitter by creating several accounts for you, which can be linked to your business name. Our analysts can then begin researching different buying behaviors and habits, which we can then form into buyer personas. This buyer personas can form the backbone of your campaign, as you can then create content that is designed to appeal to these specific personas.

How does ConsultTogether get the most out of Twitter marketing?

Well, our in-house consultants are highly experienced when it comes to using Twitter for marketing reasons. Our team will ensure that your Twitter feed promotes fresh, original and engaging content, which is organized and released sequentially. As a Twitter leader, you’ll want to be releasing new content consistently (several times a day), so as to keep your followers informed and up to date with your business’ brand.

Twitter enables businesses to expand the scope of the marketing tools and effectively reach customers they might never have engaged with before. Twitter also allows users to share branded content with great ease, which means you can also provide quick customer service and support. As a business, you’ll want to be showing your clients that you genuinely care. Promptly responding to customer concerns or questions about your products/services is a big part of Twitter marketing.

We also help our clients get the most out of Twitter marketing by using it to canvas for prospects. You can pick up new business opportunities just by having a presence on Twitter.

How do your packages work?

We offer three distinct packages for our clients. Our Silver package, which starts at $1800 per month, includes social media ads, website building, SEO plans and a range of other services. Our Gold package, which is $2800, includes digital marketing services on top of everything included in the Silver plan. Finally, our Platinum package ($3800 per month) includes everything we offer, from link building services to business and marketing strategy, along with developer support and website optimization.

How do you help with developing Twitter marketing strategies?

Our campaigns are incredibly detailed and in-depth. Firstly, we’ll identify your key priorities and begin drafting digital marketing strategies designed to achieve those priorities. Not every campaign requires Twitter, however, most campaigns will certainly benefit from it being incorporated into the marketing mix. Our results are consistently strong, and we make sure that our clients are always satisfied with these outcomes.

Our process involves performing a marketing audit of your current advertising initiatives. We’ll begin canvassing Twitter pages, likely your competitors, customers and other similar businesses in order to help design a stronger marketing campaign that is cognizant of social media engagement. By identifying these critical structural gaps, we can provide you with effective digital market help that will solve your key issues.

Thank you Tom for your time!
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