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5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Francisco

Hungry and craving for tasty Thai dishes? To help you satisfy your cravings, a list was created below for you to take you to the best and most talked about Thai restaurant in San Francisco. The list was based on our rating point list to guide you through.

San Francisco’s Best Thai Restaurants:

The best and most talked about Thai restaurant in San Francisco are:

  • Farmhouse Thai Restaurant – the name speaks itself, they offer traditional and non-traditional Thai dishes farm fresh to table
  • Lers Ros – their motto: “Great Food, Good Price”; has 3 locations within San Francisco
  • Kin Khao Dogpatch – Thai cuisine isn’t just about the peanut sauce; restaurant is currently on hiatus but they still serve take-outs and deliveries
  • Marnee Thai – 35 years in the restaurant business and with awards backing up, the restaurants continue on with their legacy; has 2 locations within San Francisco
  • Blackwood – An American – Thai Fusion restaurant

Farmhouse Thai Restaurant

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It wouldn’t be famous if they don’t have 4 location already open around the country to back it up. They offer Thai dishes be it traditional or non-traditional, always farm fresh ingredients. They were consistently voted as the “Best Thai Restaurant” in San Francisco by Michelin Bib Gourmand 2016 – 2019. The three other restaurant are located in Oakland, Menlo Park, and Portland.

Chef Kasem “Pop” Saengsawang envisions his restaurant like being teleported into Thailand with the goal to give people enough spice, because for him spice extends life, thus Thai cuisine won’t die and that spiciness will be there forever. The restaurant is available for dine-in, delivery and outdoor eating experience. In addition, you can reach them through their app to have your delicious Farmhouse Thai dishes straight from your fingertips. Prices starts at $2.50.


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Address: 710 Florida St. San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 814 2920
Facebook: Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine


“Holy crap. This place is amazing.
I love Thai food and I’ve had a lot of it in different states and even in Thailand, but this place takes it to another level. Too often have I seen my friends posting this beautiful assortment of Thai food in a huge box ok insta and I just had to try it the next time I was in the bay.

Obviously had to get the Lao set, which only comes out to $59.99. Almost everything in that set was orgasmic. I think the best dish was the fried chicken with the curry. The curry was creamy and full of flavor yet not too overpowering – perfectly complementing the chicken. Other scrumptious and top contenders include the pad Thai, salad, ribs, and the pita fried bread.

This platter is recommended for 2-3 people but it most definitely will feed 4 people comfortably with leftovers.

Pro tip: make sure to order this beauty set online/to-go because it will cost you double the price if you get it at the restaurant (sit down). The online offer includes 2 iced Thai tea and a kids meal as well.

We got an additional order of pad Thai thinking that it might not be enough for 4 people, but we were so wrong. We had left over for days. Jk. Not days but maybe 1/4.

I really wish they had this in SoCal. I would get it all the time.

Don’t sit on this. Just get it.” – Becky S.

Lers Ros

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This restaurant is so beloved by the San Francisco citizens that they open three branches around the metropolis. They are an upscale restaurant serving authentic, unique and fresh Thai dishes to please any San Fran palette. Lers Ros actually means “excellent taste of the food” in Sanskrit, and with their motto: “Great Food, Good Price”, they want to serve delicious thai cuisine without break the bank of its customers. Prices starts only at a dollar ($1.00), so what more can you ask for?


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Address 1: 730 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone 1: (415) 931 6917
Address 2: 307 Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone 2: (415) 874 9661
Address 3: 3189 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone 3: (415) 923 8978
Facebook: Lers Ros


“Got the the curry puffs, duck curry, lek tom yom haeng dry noodles, and fried basil with pork! This is an awesome Thai restaurant in the area, highly recommend.
– Curry puffs were so much lighter and puffier that we had imagined! Absolutely delicious and an must-have dish that seems unique to this restaurant. If you’ve ever had an African potato sambusa, it feels similar, but lighter! The outside is almost like a flaky egg tart crust.
– Duck Curry- so delicious! I loved how they cut the duck pieces thinly so that it all melted perfectly into the curry. It wasn’t spicy, more creamy.
– Lek Tom Yum Haeng Dry Noodles- these were interesting. They were thin rice noodles topped with roasted meat and fish cake and sauce. We ordered takeout, so the noodles kinda clumped together during the drive and was yummy, but it bet it’s even better dine-in.
– Fried basil – I think this is pad kraw pao normally at some other restaurants. But really solid dish, very yummy and cooked to perfection. This one comes on a bed of rice, so I imagine it’s the perfect lunch order.” – Jessica L.

Kin Khao Dogpatch

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‘In thailand, to eat is to eat rice. So, colloquially, when we say “kin khao” we mean “to eat” or “let’s eat”’, this are from the words of Pim Techamuanvivit, the chef and proprietor of the restaurant. Having missed so much her beloved Thai cuisine when in U.S., she decided to create this restaurant focusing on Thai food of richer quality and variety. And she plans “liberate” Thai cuisine is not all about the peanut sauce.

But due to this pandemic, the restaurant itself is in hiatus. They only serve take-out and deliveries for the mean time. The restaurant is located at Union Square but they moved to Indiana Street where they serve their take-out and delivery orders. Prices starts at $4.00.


Thai Dishes, Delivery, Take-out


Address: 690 Indiana St. San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: (415) 767 5700
Facebook: Kin Khao


“This is not the Thai spot on the corner. It is probably the premiere Thai spot in the country. So if you’re coming to get those staple street food styles, you’re probably going to be disappointed and think this place is weird or overpriced. It is a world class restaurant and its pretty easy to get a reservation or even walk in. The mushroom pate is a great place to start. The cocktails and deserts are all great.” – Joshua G.

Marnee Thai

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With 35 years in the restaurant industry, nothing can stop Marnee Thai from doing its own thing, not even COVID-19. Chai Siriyarn the owner and chef of the restaurant opened the doors since 1986, he shows his passion, charm and wit in cooking with his outstanding service that throughout the years the restaurant gathered the following awards:

5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Francisco add 1

Marnee Thai has two locations: Outer Sunset and Inner Sunset. They specialized mostly in Royal Thai Culinary cuisine, making you feel like you are royal from every bite. The chef also has his own Cookbook and has recipe samples in their website. If you feel like grabbing a copy, just immediately go to any of the two locations; or just take a peek at their website. They also cater for party and events at their restaurants. Prices starts at $7.25.


Thai Dishes, Dine-in Restaurant, Delivery, Catering, Take-out, Party and Event Planning, Cookbook


Address 1: 2225 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Phone 1: (415) 665 9500
Facebook 1: Marnee Thai Restaurant – Irving Street
Address 2: 1243 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
Phone 2: (415) 731 9999
Facebook 2: Marnee Thai Restaurant – 9th Avenue


” Marnee Thai is a great place for nice homey comfort Thai food!
We went a little overboard ordering delivery because there were so many dishes I wanted to try, but I didn’t mind because most of it reheated really well and were great as leftovers.
We had the hotcakes and the angel wings as appetizers, both of which were pretty tasty. The hotcakes were sweet and custard-y and coconut-y, almost dessert-like, but very satisfying. The wings were sweet and and sticky and a little spicy but delicious. I will say you could definitely tell they both suffered in quality a little bit from the delivery, but that was pretty expected.
We also tried the pad see ew, the pad kaprow, and the mussamun chicken curry. The pad see ew was pretty standard (good but not mindblowing, although I appreciated the amount of veggies it came with) and the pad kaprow was super flavorful and great with rice, but the mussamun chicken curry was my favorite of the three. It was so rich and flavorful with peanuts and tender pieces of chicken and extremely comforting on a cold day.
Everything was delicious and pretty different from other Thai restaurants I’ve had. I would definitely order from here again, especially to try some of their other curries out!”
– Cynthia S.


5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Francisco 5

If it’s fusion you are after, then you should definitely should try the menu in Blackwood. The restaurant offers dishes that are American – Thai fusion. Imagine a classic American Burger but instead of having lettuce and tomato, they add Thai salad in the bun. Yum! Also here you can eat breakfast until 3:30pm which is nice. Prices starts at $3.00. Be mindful that the place can really get packed thus an online reservation is an advantage.


Thai Dishes, Delivery, Take-out, Dine-in Restaurant


Address: 2150 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: (415) 931 9663
Facebook: Blackwood


“The breakfast/brunch here is divine. The hot pot is complex and flavorful and even their side potatoes are crisp and well seasoned.
Beyond that, the service is immaculate. When my friend (pictured) violently spilled all our drinks into his lap, the servers were patient and kind, not participating in the point-and-laugh fest that we so readily invited them to.
Great for brunch with friends and family in SF. Will definitely be coming back!”
– Beatrice P.